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2009 Ford Falcon G8E

February 19th, 2008

2009 Ford Falcon G8E

After a reasonable delay, CGIAutomotive is back and available in perfect time for the launch of what critics are calling the most important Australian vehicle Ford Motor Company has ever made. Continuing a long line of Ford impressions, we present the Falcon G8E. With 2008’s FG model, Ford has gone toe-to-toe with GM Holden’s VE Commodore in safety, power output and the model line-up. Notably, the antiquated Fairlane nameplate - once the symbol of the car’s luxury spec - has been replaced by the ‘G Series’.

But where Holden’s Calais V8 remains its most popular luxury equivalent, Ford is less eager to flaunt the aged 290kw Boss V8 that is found in the XR8 performance model. Such an omission, naturally, has disappointed. Using computer techniques, we have toyed with the idea of a Calais V competitor and come up with the G8E: a hybrid of both G and XR spec Falcons, and something we think will excite, and something we feel will fill the gap for customers of the new Falcon.

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13 Responses to “2009 Ford Falcon G8E”

  1. Martin Bennett Says:

    Indeed, a GXR model would be welcomed - and an agreeable name it is as well. With the demise of both Ghia and Fairmont it would seem fitting for Ford to once again expand the XR nameplate. Though a production model would likely not have projector headlamps (something the Falcon still, strangely, lacks) or EVO style foglamps. They would most likely get the treatment of the Mondeo XR5 Turbo. Perhaps the only reason, though, a proper V8 never appeared on a Fairmont model was because the bonnet buldge really doesn’t fit in with the luxury-orientated image of the vehicle.

  2. Shane Says:

    Agreed, its the first thing I was looking for a boss 290 powered G series Falcon to battle the calais v8's. I like the impression but it looks to sporty for a luxury style model. Can you incorporate the G series front end more?

  3. admin Says:

    Shane we'll give it a go.

    Look for more Falcon based images in coming posts.

  4. Luke Says:

    I'm actually a bit confused by the name. The G6 is the lower spec family car in the G range, and the luxury cars start using the E. So the GXR is a lower spec entry level XR is it?

    I'd have thought G8E would be a better naming fit if you're after a luxury V8. Nearly everyone I've spoken too who is looking at getting an FG (4 so far) have targetted the G6ET. Seems a G8E might also suit those who would have otherwise looked at an LTD or V8 Fairlane too.

    If the idea is to spruce up an XR, then maybe XR8E pr XR6ET seems the direction this CGI is heading? However, it has been suggested that the FPV relationship is why there is no Ford luxury V8 - these will be coming from FPV from now on. (But a Ford without a Ford badge bugs me a little).

    Either way, I like the idea. But can I ask - is the only change in the CGI the chrome strip?


  5. nic brooks Says:

    2010 holden captiva

    2009 australian buitl holden suv terttiory rival

    2009 holden epica wagon

  6. Martin Bennett Says:

    ... and while your at it, do a cgi for a possible Hyundai people mover...

    those suggestions have sent me to sleep

  7. nic brooks Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 7:35 pm
    suggestions for future CGI’s -

    how about:
    * Holden Efijy Roadster
    * Ford Orion Territory
    * Next-gen Opel Astra - very important new car

    On the subject of Coupe’s, why not a Mondeo Coupe - based more closely on the Iosis concept?

    Or for a laugh, why not a TRD Prius.

    Oh and you can talk martin seem like the biggest smart arse on two legs. You have made many suggestiosn your self so before you come mocking people again go back and check your comments. And a TRD Pruis soudns freakin good kewl wouldnt it be eyy martin? huh? not! gee you shaw do crack a good joke. Belive it or not toyota has plans for a TRD Pruis. So im sure your dreams will coem true. And im shaw your to gutless to drive pruis because your apperntly to good for some eco friendly car!

  8. nic brooks Says:

    And heres a suggestion:

    A DAEWOO MATIZ REBADGED AS A HSV!!!!!!! WHO ALZUM!!!!!!!!!!! wouldnt it be great. ha!

  9. nic brooks Says:

    And heres a suggestion:

    A DAEWOO MATIZ REBADGED AS A HSV!!!!!!! HOW ALZUM!!!!!!!!!!! wouldnt it be great. ha!

  10. Martin Bennett Says:

    dont put that one past GMH

  11. nic brooks Says:

    mabey a holden badged saturn sky right hand drive.

  12. Martin Bennett Says:

    that would be absolutely sweet - tho the saturn sky is just an opel speedster / vx220, which is what we'd get. Did you know even bloody Daewoo now has their own version of this car, so why the hell doesn't Holden get it?!?!

  13. nic brooks Says:

    i agree its stupid holden gets every thing daewoo has so why not the opel gt...they import the freakin viva ford god sacks! why not something good. Btw the opel speedster is made in germany yet is based of the staurn sky witch is built in america based of the pontiac solicest and the daewoo sx2 or somethign is the opel gt. Holden please import this would be perfect for holden to fill its sports car cap for the monaros abesent and hopefully it is soon to be replaced by the coupe 60 lets hope holden doesnt throw away another concept dream machien for production.

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