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2008 Ford Mondeo RS

November 22nd, 2007

2008 Ford Mondeo RS

Above and beyond the planned Mondeo ST, the RS will meet its Focus stablemate at the pinnacle of Fordís European performance arm. With Volkswagen and Mazda arriving with newer RS and MPS versions, the hi-performance, sub-prestige market has become an attractive alternative to base-model prestige offerings. That is to say, for example, a buyer of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class may be lured to a Passat R32; for the same reason, Mercedes has marketed the new C-Class with a coupe grille in the search for these more youthful parts of the market.

Back to Ford, the RS is rumoured to be sporting a tuned version of the Volvo turbo six that will make its way into the ST and XR6 (Australian Market) models. Visually, expect it to sit firmly away from the standard model with cues that reflect the original Iosis concept that debuted Ford's current 'Kinetic' design language. You can notice lines that segment the lower intake rejoin the grille and bonnet, like the concept. It will ride on 19 inch wheels and will sport a subtle boot spoiler, like the ST.

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3 Responses to “2008 Ford Mondeo RS”

  1. Martin Bennett Says:

    Australia would have to get it in the form of an FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) - and that does not look like an FPV; far too good looking. However it seems strange that an RS model should be a 4-door sedan, instead of a 2-door coupe. Maybe its just the colour. It needs a deep metallic blue paintjob, foglamps (or at least get rid of that strip that runs accross the top of the front-side vents), shadow-chrome alloys (not standard chrome - it looks like silver plastic), dark-shaded headlamp accennts (see Falcon BFII Fairlane), 2 less doors and a big XR6 badge along the side.

    As for it being distanced from the rest of the range - unlikely. Ford may try to do so, but (if it looks like that) it will be impossible. It is simply not different enough, and the name is boring. RS. Just as bad as ST. Ford Australia uses XR5 - much better. Maybe they should drop the 'Mondeo' altogether - it doesn't sound like the sort of name you'd find on a high-performance car. Why not call it Iosis - and make it look like the Iosis concept as well? It would sell in absolute droves, the media would love it, and I would happily admit it to be one of the finest cars in the world. Not the beige Mondeo RS sedan - the 'Ford-blue' Iosis XR6 coupe - a true hero car, to be proud of.

  2. Oz. Says:

    I believe it needs to be AWD and in a 2-Door Coupe. It's Certanly for the FPV range, hopefully the power would be atleast 250KW.

  3. Martin Bennett Says:

    AWD is something that I don't think Ford will have to look at, as sticking with front drive would be suicidal. The power output really should be in excess of 250kW - FPV would want 280kW, the most likely output for any future Holden V6 turbo.

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