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2009 Ford Falcon Coupe

March 10th, 2008

This Falcon Coupe, we're sorry to say, is pure fiction, but provides a what-if of the future of Ford in Australia.

If the few niche models manufactured in Australia, like the Territory for Ford and Monaro and Crewman for Holden continue to be successful, it is not unreasonable to suggest that we are just seeing the beginning of expanding model lineups for Australian makers. This, hand in hand with overseas exports could fuel radical concepts like a Falcon coupe in the near future.

Here's to dreaming realistically.

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27 Responses to “2009 Ford Falcon Coupe”

  1. Martin Bennett Says:

    yes, I'm all for dreaming - and it'd be great if it did happen. but with falcon sales at record lows, it's the start of a model cycle again and there are no export plans - quite frankly, it's lucky the Falcon sedan exists as is.

  2. Sladge Says:

    Awesome looking beast!! If only Ford would hire this site for their designs!!

  3. Martin Bennett Says:

    suggestions for future CGI's -

    how about:
    * Holden Efijy Roadster
    * Ford Orion Territory
    * Next-gen Opel Astra - very important new car

    On the subject of Coupe's, why not a Mondeo Coupe - based more closely on the Iosis concept?

    Or for a laugh, why not a TRD Prius.

  4. Mike Cable Says:

    Looks boring, sorry. Looks like a VZ-style Monaro crossed with a Soarer.

  5. nic brooks Says:

    cough cough...if ford brought out another peice of falcon a.k.a shit it would be dommed to fail once again...and copying a monaro is no has no real aussie coupe legends.

  6. Martin Bennett Says:

    Who cares about not having a coupe legend when you've got the phase III?

    And why shouldn't it copy monaro? Holden and Ford have been copying off each other for decades.

  7. Lewis Says:

    In response to Nick Brooks
    'cough cough…if ford brought out another peice of falcon a.k.a shit it would be dommed to fail once again…and copying a monaro is no answer…ford has no real aussie coupe legends'


    Go to EBAY type in 'Falcon Hardtop' and look gobsmacked as rusted out XC's cost more than a new Omega, where do they find idiots like you.

  8. Lee Says:

    Ford not having a Coupe legend?? I guess the Cobra doesn't count then.

  9. Ben Says:

    Well a hard top would be a better look! I have seen multiple chops of a FG hardtop and they all look fantastic!!! :) Please Ford, listen to your customers!!! :D

  10. nic brooks Says:

    dear infact has been copying holden for years. Sand simply what makes the moanro so prestiouges is that it has history...a falcon coupe wouldnt. So it just be liek any orther coupe. The commordore has outsold the falcon sicne thousands...its because holdens arent copying always brings otu its falcons later so it can copy holdens new commordore and through on some extra power. If ford was a good company it would actually bring it out at the same time. And may i also say holden beat ford in qwuailty surveys. And as wheels magazine says "holdens v8's are fatser"!

  11. Martin Bennett Says:

    Nic Brooks - you are clearly about 10 years old. And I'm sorry to say it too, because I am a Holden fan as well. But you are not doing us any favours because quite frankly you are talking utter rubbish.

    Just because a car sells lots doesn't automatically mean it's better - the god-awful PT cruiser cracked a million sales, Epica is outselling Mondeo and more people buy Corolla's than they do Golf's - it doesn't mean anything.

    Motoring manufacturers around the world copy off each other, and each company is as guilty as the last. If Ford were not to copy off Holden (or vice versa) then that would be a dire management decision.

    Things happen in cycles, Nic. 'Huntsman' Falcon is due in 2012, and it will undoubtedly take some elements from VF Commodore, which in turn will take elements from the recently released FG.

    In 10 years time when you actually have a license and have actually sat behind the wheel of both cars for yourself, you might be able to talk some - objective - sense.

  12. Lewis Says:

    The VE is the most recalled car in Australian history and you want to talk about quality.

    In regards to the coupe I would have liked the old classic lines on the rear quarter window. The angle up before joining at the back.

  13. Lewis Says:

    Thanks Martin,

    But I would still like to rebutte

    I do believe Holden build utilities (Ford designed in 1934)

    Ford Falcon had a coupe from release untill the XD, but doing it again must be a complete rip of a car released in 2000

    Ford has the fastest 'locally' built V8

    The EA was released early in 1988 forcing the VL to be prematurely killed replaced by the slap together VN

    Up untill the VE, the Commodore has been based on Opel products, the Falcon is an independent platform and has been since the XA.

    The VE has the same floating pivot link as the Territory released in 2004

    We could go on and on with the who has got what arguement, or appreciate a nice piece of artwork produced by CGI

  14. nic brooks Says:

    dear martin bennet...heres the fact im 14. Second of all just because some body is younger then you doesnt mean they know less. And the reason the corrola out sells the golf because the golf base model is 5 grand more then the corrola base. And did are practicualy mean the falcon makes less sales of the commordore because its a nto as good as the ve. No i didn't so before you go saying that your right and im wrong because your 35-50 whatever and im apperntly 10. The holden commordore out sells the falcon because its better qauilty. Yes ofcourse every car company copys one another. Look at chery motors from china there building rav4 clones or BYD building half mercedes clk and half renualt megane cc imatations. The holden commordore is sold on every continet on earth except antartica ofcourse...and why isn't the falcon because the falcon lacks the quailty of the commordore. And yes GM is bigger then ford but ford still is sold on every continet just as chevorlets are. So ford has no excuse not to export the falcon as it is in despreat need of sales sicne the current ba and bf arent doing so well. Now its time for thew FG as fords big aussies life is depending on its sales.

  15. Martin Bennett Says:

    Im trying to understand you through your appalling language - maybe u shuld b doin english homework. I don't think you know nothing because you are young - I know you know nothing because you talk absolute rubbish!

    I'm 17 mate - ive just started Uni and have been on my p plates for just under a year. Don't believe me? Pick up the April issue of wheels magazine and turn to page 37...

    Now, getting back to Falcon...

    Falcon quality has absolutely nothing - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! - to do with why it is not on sale in other continents lol. You're last post suggests that you blame 'Ford Australia' for Falcon being sold only in Australia. That is rubbish - Ford's global body doesn't believe that there is a market for it worldwide (also rubbish) but have instead decided to continue with rear-wheel drive 'Panther platform' which dates back to the 70s, because they sell bucketloads of them and the American's don't care about quality - which Panther-based vehicles sorely lack.

    At best, Falcon might underpin the next Mustang - but do you really think Ford Australia haven't tried to export it?!?

    Quality of both Commodore and Falcon is average at best, they both get more than their share of recalls and disatisfied customers.

    Hopefully in 3 years time you'll have built up some knowledge and real life experience with the cars you love and hate. You're not wrong because you're very young, but young people like us often think we're right - because we're young. No point whinging about it mate - go to your local ford and holden dealers and sit in the cars, take some english lessons, read some car mags and check your facts.

  16. nic brooks Says:

    Martin im B+ Student in english. The reason why my spelling is so awful in my messages that is im using terribel internet grammar and as of many people i know normal never chekc there grammar and type like nutz but never bother to check there may however and good on you. But however i agree on your point that falcons and commordores are nto the best of quailty compared to japanese name plates and german. Even hyundai does better...but the commordore is has been shown as a better quailty vechial over time. My 20 year old brother owns a BA ute and my dad owned a vy ss for 5 years till this week. The vy had far less faults then my brothers BA falcon. The territory is also known for have rust issues in the bonnet and ford has had many complaitns about this yet havent bothered to improve this on new was also ranked at the bottom of the list just ahead of saab for cutomer service and quailty. However hold may not had been up with the orthers and dominating mazda...but it did mark ahead of the fords. Yes some fords may be better then holdens...ofcoruse the fiesta is better then the barina and viva also including the epica against the mondeo but daewoos werent really known for bad quailty..they never had issues as the 1st kias did and the hyundais. Ford isn't exactly a class leader in quailty however it shoudl be doing much better since ford is one of the oldest car companys i nthe world. And the reason why the falcon is imported globaly is that ford doesnt find it good enough to compete with overseas models in quailty...but the holden is as its quailty is better then its main market america and the middle east witch is practiculy full of america cars. The falcon just isnt godo enough to compete overseas as the aurion and camry also the commordore do however. And im also sorry to hear about queenslands crap restrictions i totally agree on that. Down here in victoria your only allowed to carry 1 pasenger that is between thee age of 16-21.

  17. nic brooks Says:

    btw...its actually up to ford australia on exporting it. I actually have a friends dad who works at ford australia on marketign and it is actually up to ford australia not ford as a global company. However yes this must be consulted to ford us but ford does choose if it goes oevr seas or not.

  18. nic brooks Says:

    and yes i do have a terribel habit in typing for doing the oppisite letter ahead of the orther.

  19. Martin Bennett Says:

    I'm just good at typing.

    Ford Australia originally planned on selling the Falcon in America - it was supposed to be the basis for the next generation Crown Victoria, which is the car you always see in American movies as the Police car / taxi or in Gran Theft Auto etc. They sell thousands upon thousands of them, and they possess all the quality of a 1990s Kia - to Americans, interior design and quality is not a factor in new car design. Have you ever sat inside an F150? I've seen it on Top Gear, when Jeremy Clarkson tested it - bits were literally hanging off. And the Dodge Ram is no better - the Falcon would feel like an Audi next to the current, panther-based Crown Victoria.

    Luckily for Holden, General Motors has nothing to compete with the Crown Victoria - since it stopped making the Caprice ages ago. The only similar car is a Cadillac CTS - which is bloody expensive, and since they wish to rebuild Pontiac, the simply brilliant Commodore has been turned into the G8. If I hear one word of resentment from an American about interior quality, I'll go ballistic.

    I don't think you can really doubt that, if given the chance, Ford Australia would choose to export the Falcon. I don't know if you saw, but Ford's CEO in America is actually importing a Falcon for his own personal use - that's how good he thinks it is as a car - but the figures just don't stack up.

    Why would they import a proper car like the Falcon when they can keep selling cheaper, locally made 30-year old Cro. Vic's without competition?

    Personally, I reckon the quality of the VE is pretty bloody good. I've taken an SV6 out for a test drive - I recomend you do that when you get your P's, they are obliged to give you the test drive :) - and it is unimaginably brilliant. It feels really good to drive and I cannot stress enough - it feels as though it has been built around you, everything is in the right spot. You sit in an Astra, but you pilot a Commodore - that's just what it feels like. The BA falcon feels just the same.

    Oh and the next Barina should be better - just wait, I reckon it will shame at least Fiesta. The current Barina is a Daewoo product, the next gen will be fully general motorsised. The Captiva is semi-GM as is the Epica, and quite frankly they are pretty good. Viva and Barina are absolutely s**t there is no doubt, but they will improve.

  20. nic brooks Says:

    I totally agree...the koreans are getting up there with the japanese...the europeans are falling behidn the world exampel mercedes isn't as good as it use to be its quailty is falling is dominating the premuim market these days with sporty cars and better handling and also better value. The next barina is under way also a next gen matiz might replace it or becoem a model below it. The captiva and epica are rather good though..the captiva has proven to be as good as a rav4. GM has some great products that coudl be good for holden..however not knowing how they drive i do belive though they would have pottential in our market-example: Pontiac G6 a great looking vechial and a good bmw 3 series or c-class baby premium sedan or to compete with the mazda 6 and accord euro...its 3 versions of this car would be great all imported in the top of the line models. Saturn sky,Opel gt ethier way...this car would give holden a edge to its current range a car to attract more buyers to the brand. Saturn vue hybrid (captiva maxx hybrid) this would attract mroe buyers to the suv market and a affordable option to a lexus rx400h. Chevy hhr possibly not the best idea but a something different to the holden hatch range. Buick Enclave a beutiful suv to compete with such things as the nissan murano or the mazda cx7 and orther premium sport cross over suvs. Ofcoruse holden could have al lthese vechials and some may not work but they could be great options and i most certinaly holden considers the saturn sky (daewoo g2x,opel gt) it would really open up a new segment for holden and give it a new range of customers. Btw what ever happended to the tigra it suddenly just went? Why? Holden wants there number 1 spot back yet there just axing vechials and there not exactly avertising cars besides saying hwo they have sales on...the barina and viva need more avetising there i ndespreat needs of sales!

  21. nic brooks Says:

    also hodlen will need to consider all these vechials for right hand drive ofcoruse but you got to spend moeny to make money dont you.

  22. Martin Bennett Says:

    The tigra departed because of poor sales and the arrival of the Astra TwinTop.

    An ideal Holden lineup in 2010 would be:

    Holden Corsa:
    - Get rid of the Barina nameplate, it has been utterly soiled by the current TK. If Holden were to import the Corsa (the new Holden CEO has stated it is 50/50 Europe/Korea for the next gen.) instead of the Kalos (itself just a rebodied 1990s Corsa) then Holden could easily compete in terms of style, quality, value, appeal and driveability with the likes of Yaris, Mazda2 and Verve-Fiesta. Have you actually seen the specs on the Corsa?!?!?! Incredible some of the equipment the upper models have...

    Holden Astra/ HSV VXR:
    - Holden's second most important car, behind Commodore/Caprice obviously, is currently right up there with the market leaders on all fronts. As long as it comes from Opel, features the same incredibly wide range of bodystyles and engines, and gets a 2.0 as standard fitment.

    Holden Epica:
    - Hopefully, Epica will be on its last legs by 2010; with any luck, a Torana II concept (based on the new Cadillac) will be displayed at the years Sydney Motor Show, for production by 2012.

    Holden Insignia/ HSV Aura VXR:
    - Or, failing Torana, INSIGNIA!!!! About to be released in Europe, the next Vectra would be perfect to tackle Mondeo, Mazda6 and Accord Euro. There's going to be 4-cyl, 4-cyl-turbo, 4-cyl-turbo-diesels, 6-cyl and 6-cyl-turbo-diesels. As well as FWD and AWD variants. Good old Opel - they bloody well are the affordable version of a Mercedes; no niche left unfilled.

    Holden Captiva:
    - I reckon they should rename it Winstorm (what Daewoo calls it). It needs a hybrid model, as you say. Perhaps the Buick Enclave, as you also mentioned, could sit above the Winstorm as a Frontera - the current Captiva can't really compete with Territory, and I don't want to see some bloody ridiculous chevrolet-sourced truck the size of a Hummer H2 (see: Holden Suburban)

    Holden Speedster / HSV GT:
    - I don't see why it can't happen.

    Holden VF Commodore:
    - I think I've made it clear on this very website what I think VF should have.
    * Sedan
    * SportWagon
    * Ute
    * Monaro
    * Crewman
    * Torana-esque Hatch
    * AWD Variants
    * Diesel
    * Direct Injection
    * Monaro TwinTop?

    Holden Statesman/Caprice

    I've probably missed a few things out, but yes this is only a dream. And since this is only a dream list, let's chuck a limited edition run of a 500kW Efijy Spider and a Holden Hurricane II in there, just for fun.

  23. nic brooks Says:

    Great list...i do agree the captiva just cant compete with the terrtiory and i wish holden would come up with a aussie built territory rival and sold the captiva as just a 5 seater to compete with the forester,crv,rav 4 ect. The torana would be perfect...holden also has said with the new ve unlike the vt design it can actually be formed into any style of car coupe,wagon,convertible etc witch would all be good thats if holden decides the coupe 60 could be our next monaro lets hope they do.

    The holden t2x cocnept (daewoo t2x) this would be great to bring young people looking for a low cost suv with sports appeal. Or this concept could possibly be the next captiva.

    The opel gt,saturn sky i cant help but repeat this...holden despreatly needs a sports raodster. It is in seriouse need of a sports car.

    unfortunley a efigy could never be a realtiy it would cost millions of dollars just to build the car and they'd have to be priced up there pagani zondas with all the craftmenship. However if your chairman of gm you could actually have this car if you wanted about the 50's the cahirman of chevy decided he liked the concept so much he had it and use it as his car for 20 years. But of course wouldn't all your empolyes hate you to death sicne they did the work. I cetanily would.

    Plus do you reckon the captiva and epica could just be a place holder why holdens working o na mid size car (torana) and a suv. I certainly belive they could be....holden apperntly has hundreds of cars in lang lang that may never see daylight.

  24. Martin Bennett Says:

    There were rumours going around a few months ago that a few "well to do" people were interested in buying an Efijy. If it were to go on sale, it wouldn'te sold in Australia, for the same reason the next NSX won't be sold as a Honda, but an Acura. It would cost well over a million dollars, and to pay that kind of money for a brand that sells a $15K Barina; that doesn't interest these people. I know it won't happen though...

    Well, Wheels Magazine stated a few years ago that the Barina and Viva were just "placeholders" until the next generation of opels came along...

    i dont think the t2x will ever come to fruition though.

  25. nic brooks Says:

    t2x does have possibiltys holden is using it for the next captiva. Know that cadilac is ocming lets hope they can bring alogn some dream machines and hopefully gm might consider the xlr for down under.

  26. Martin Bennett Says:

    hmmmm, I really really really really would not like to see a Cadillac SUV here. I cannot wait for the CTS to get here - one of the launches I am most anticipating this year - but the CTS truly is the only really desirable caddy.

    Caddy culd really get themselves set as a luxury brand here in australia to truly rival the 3 series etc etc. maybe in 5 years time after the next gen STS and the cadillac equivelant of Torana is set in the market, Cadillac could succesfully bring their ugly, crappy, american SUV here.

    Actually I was checking out '' in their future models section and they seem to believe that the T2X will be here in October. hmmmm, really not sure about that one. hey, did you see the new 60th anniversary edition holdens?... commodore and captiva get some nice upgrades

  27. nic brooks Says:

    Well caddy suvs arent the best but their xlr roadster is a amazing car. The cts si the best caddy in nearly 40 years..its got the quailty of the new ve witch is great...and im shaw alot of people cant wait for the american premium to land down under. The GM range is expanding down here witch is great. But i came here just to mentione something else...after lookign at a recent australian quailty survey ive found out the korean barina has out done the current ford fiesta and volkswagen polo in quailty...whaaa? yes i know...odd espically the polo but there you go...the germans just arent as good as they use to be...also the viva beat the focus in quailty too! And the t2x in october could be never know holden could preview it at sydney motor show. And yes i saw holdens 60th ani collection at melbourne motor show..i love the coupe 60..however i thought it mgiht have been a production torana.

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