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2010 Ferrari California Mondial

June 3rd, 2008

Here's a what-if for Ferrari fans. What if the new California grand tourer was such a success that Maranello honoured enthusiasts with a hardcore version? Though unlikely, do not rule it out.

In limited numbers a California Mondial (or Dino, Scuderia, Stradale, Challenge; call it what you will) would sell itself as a collector's piece. Already perhaps the best looking Ferrari since the 355, the California represents a shift in Ferrari's stubborness. Maranello has been uneasy to produce a wide range of vehicles, including a more affordable 2+2 in order to preserve the brand's prestige and prevent any cannibalisation of sister-marque Maserati.

If that has changed, than we could reasonably expect a limited edition California to be released within the medium-term. Expect only minisclue changes to power outputs but dramatic new exterior features.

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