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2010 Ford Falcon USDM

May 12th, 2008

The already-positive reception to GM Holden's Commodore-cum-Pontiac G8 in the US has shown that there is great demand for well-priced, powerful rear-drive vehicles in a nation once famous for cars of this type. Ford Australia will regret not making a deal with Ford America for the new Falcon. Falcons were spotted testing in Detroit as late as April this year but it appears a combination of poor-timing and upcoming CAFE regulations that will force Ford to ditch plans for a rear-drive revival in the near future. The excellence of the FG Falcon and the G8, however, puts the US on notice. These boys can make cars.

In perhaps the most complete integration of Ford Europe's kinetic design philosophy and that of a directionless Ford USA, a US Falcon would keep the new three bar front from the New World whilst using more fluid shapes found west of the Atlantic. Power would come from a US-sourced 3.5L Cyclone Duratec V6 sporting around 200kW (265hp) and possibly Ford Australia's turbo variant of this six. Of course, a V8 would also feature but this would be dependent on where the US Falcon would be built. Australia has no confirmed replacement for the criticised Boss 5.4L and the American market would have access to the upcoming 317kW (425hp) Ford Hurricane/Boss block.

Regardless of where the US Falcon will be built, it and forthcoming Mustang will be built with some assistance from Australia's rear-drive engineers. It's just a shame it can't be there now.

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One Response to “2010 Ford Falcon USDM”

  1. Martin Bennett Says:

    Yep, that car could definitely be sold in America - it's so unthinkably ugly!

    Glad Ford stuck to Kinetic design language for the Falcon rather than Fusion.

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