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2010 Ford Territory Orion

March 20th, 2008

With the release of the FG Falcon and European Mondeo models, Ford Australia has emerged with a definite design language that looks certain to carry on into the upcoming Territory.
Based on cues from Ford Europe's Kuga and its "kinetic" design philosophy, Ford will meld sportiness with rugged capability, but will not forsake individual character. With talk of possible export deals re-emerging, Ford is loath to turn its back on the American market. Indeed, Wheels magazine's Peter Robinson suggests Ford are looking at the Explorer America concept from the 2008 Detroit show as a basis for the car.

In either case, expect the Territory to look somewhat similar to the newly released FG Falcon and sporting similar engines with perhaps the advent of the across-the-range diesel by the time the car is released.

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11 Responses to “2010 Ford Territory Orion”

  1. Ben Says:

    It looks really good. It will be based on the FG Falcon, not the BF (typo!). I think it'll look a lot better than the current! The rear quarter window is my only dislike...

  2. Martin Bennett Says:

    To be honest, I'm not so sure that the next territory will look like that. It's not really using very much of the kinetic design language, it has a very toyotaish feel about it somehow - it doesn't have character.

    Sorry, maybe it's not the cgi'ers fault - it is a great big SUV after all. But if Hyundai can make an SUV look stylish, surely Ford can drop the "australian landcruiser" pretense; it's out of fasion.

    It'll be a bloody terrific car though...

  3. greg Says:

    It will not look like that, it is going to look more like the Iosis concept a few years ago, this still looks to soft for the kinetic look, the kuga is a design off the iosis but they did a crap job on the production model,

    The falcon based Territory will suit the styling of the iosis really well

    But if the iosis idea gets the flick then this tezza will not sell on looks but it's overall package,

    was told at the mms that it will look much different than your cgi

    but time will tell if it is a goer or a flop?

  4. Martin Bennett Says:

    to be honest, i think that Iosis only really works on sedans. So far Ford has unveiled the following vehicles with Iosis styling:

    * Mondeo (Hatch, Sedan and Wagon)
    * FG Falcon (Sedan and Ute)
    * Fiesta
    * Focus Facelift
    * Kuga
    * S-Max
    * Escape Facelift

    The only vehicles out of the above list that actually "work" with iosis, are the Mondeo and Falcon - and they both look great (except for Falcon G series - too much chrome - something that will probably also feature on Territory). The new Fiesta just seems out of proportion - especially when you compare it to it's sister car, the Mazda2 - now there's a company with a design language. The new Focus facelift, due here soon, looks a bit tacky, the Kuga is best described as bulbous, the S-Max admitedly looks okay, and the new escape facelift - what a joke.

    I cannot see it working on Territory either - and to be honest, the above CGI doesn't really take on much of the Iosis design language at all.

    Surely - and, especially since Ford Australia may now get the go ahead to build the Kuga - the next territory will look like the Kuga - just bigger.

    Whatever it looks like, Ford need to get it out of their head that big SUVs have to look like trucks. The current territory just does. Holden have finally figured out how to make a stylish ute and wagon, now it's time for Ford to "get with it".

    The problem with ford is that they're so disjointed in terms of design. Ford of Europe has "Iosis" design lanuage, and Ford of America has "Fusion" design lanuage. The trouble for Iosis is, vehicles from Ford Europe have to end up on sale in America, so it has to be designed with them in mind - Focus, for instance. Americans know absolutely nothing - NOTHING - about car design, so it's not a good start.

    If territory is going to get exports - yeah right, if Ford can't realise that FG Falcon is the best Ford in the brand's history (which they haven't) then as if territory will get the go-ahead for exports - then the same will have to happen. And iosis will be messed up even further.

    Hmmm, can't wait to actually see it...

  5. Oz. Says:

    It looks that would be a pretty reasonable update for the Territory but I don't think the air dam and the lower front bumperbar will look like that.

  6. nic brooks Says:

    This looks quite nice...ive hated every aussie ford...being a holden fan im actually surprised i like the teritory and the origonal capri convertibles...but i do happen to like all of fords orther overseas models..but this orion teriotry looks real good it looks alot like a audi Q7.

  7. Lewis Says:

    Martin Bennet
    The new Mazda 2 is a carbon copy of the new Fiesta, designed totally by Ford of Europe, no Mazda input what so ever

  8. Martin Bennett Says:

    thats not true at all, lewis. the mazda 2 differs not only style wise but in mechanical terms as well. The Fiesta will get an entirely different powertrain and different suspension and traction control configurations.

    The design language was completed in-house by Mazda in japan, and conforms to the company's "Zoom Zoom" design language.

    And putting all that aside - if what you say was true, and ford were solely responsible for the design of the Mazda 2, then it is even less excusable that the new fords look so conservative and "in two minds".

    The Mazda design language is clear throughout the range, from the base Mazda2 right up through Mazda3, Mazda5, Mazda6, CX-7, CX-9 and RX-8, and no matter who designed it - it is clearly defined, unique and attractive. Unlike the majority of new Fords.

    and "Bennett" has 2 t's, as I have to tell everyone :)

  9. Lewis Says:

    My bad Martin.

    Love the wheels on the Tezza, are they taken from the concept?

  10. Martin Bennett Says:

    The design is growing on me :D. Unlike Falcon.

  11. Nyat Says:

    I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

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