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2010 Holden VF Commodore

March 13th, 2008

If it aint broke, don't fix it. This is the brief Holden is expected to adopt for the first revision of the highly successful VE series Commodore, now on sale on every continent in some form, bar Antarctica. The schedule for exports the American market, commencing only a year before the VF-designated update, will dicate that little changes cosmetically, with new engines and updated interior quality the chief targets for the Australian market.

Though perhaps more than a year away, Holden's vision of its future has been hinted at in Holden's Coupe 60 concept at the Melbourne Motor Show. Unsurprisingly, little of the distinctive VE-makeup has changed. It is speculated Holden will change the shape of the headlights and front bumper moulding to distance it further from similarly-styled vehicles from Ford, Toyota and Audi.

CGI Automotive is quick to appreciate the proportions of the VE shape, but understands that much of the design's rigour went into silhouette and scaling, rather than detail. With a base solidified, the VF series will move Holden (and perhaps a future Pontiac G8) further into a more individual realm of design.

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21 Responses to “2010 Holden VF Commodore”

  1. Martin Bennett Says:

    brilliant stuff. d'ya reckon they'll skip VEII then? I thought it was a cert to be released at the same time Orion was revealed...

  2. admin Says:

    Yeah Martin I think they will. The constant revisions have resulting in falling residual values for the Commodore, so they've opted for a Subaru-style 'model-year' system.

    MY09 is coming with a few changes seen at the Melbourne Motor Show (read: new SS dash trim, glovebox lights deleted etc; nothing big) so I've dated VF for 2010.

    And Martin I've heard your requests for some CGIs and I'm working on Orion Territory now. The major problem is spreading Aussie cars out a bit more. I think I feature them too often.

  3. Martin Bennett Says:

    I always regard it as important for australians to feature australian cars.

    For example, I subscribe to both Wheels and Motor Magazines, and they are constantly inundated with letters and angry e-mails from people saying exactly that - "they feature too many Falcodores". Well, why shouldn't they? Who else is going to do it? You can hardly pick up a CAR Magazine and expect to find information about the next Commodore, or find a Falcon review in Top Gear Magazine.

    While I absolutely love to see peeks into the future of non-aussie brands, there’s no shame in making Aussie cars your bread-and-butter. Perhaps If you wanted to do something else...

    * Porsche Panamera
    * Alfa 169
    * Ferrari Dino
    * Bugatti Royale
    * Merc E-Class 2009 - supposedly takes styling cues from S-Class
    * Audi RS4 based on the new A4
    * Chevrolet Volt

    I'd say you'd have to guess alot with some of them though; just some examples of the kinds of cars I look forward to seeing.

    Very, very nice chop too btw. Love the subtle bonnet scoop and side-vent. Moving the indicators to the mirrors and having a slim side-vent cleans the surface up a little bit, and looks sporty without being "try hard". I love where Holden are going with VE as well - very 3-serie; with differing exterior designs for sedan, wagon/ute and coupe.

    I honestly haven't heard anything about those updates you mentioned either. How did you find that out?

  4. Johnno Says:

    The updates with the VE were annouced for the sedan range a week ago. 6 airbags standard on all models now. Omega also picks up air conditioning and alloys as standard and gain slightly modified grill and body coloured mirror scalps and door handles.

  5. Martin Bennett Says:

    Oh, yeah, I had heard that those features were standard on Sportwagon - i wasn't sure about the Sedan though. If the Omega had a 6-speed automatic gearbox and an alloy version of it's steel wheels, it would be almost without fault...

  6. greg Says:

    Sounds too me that Martin would go to bed with the VE?
    The looks of the VE have had plenty of stick given to them , even on holden forums like LS1, some of the feedback on that site , is where Holden should get the ideas from, not from copying other cars?

    check it out & see what they say about the looks of the VE

  7. Martin Bennett Says:

    yeh man

    If the styling of VE can be critisised, it is the styling of the performance models - they look good, but they're just not sporty enough. Maybe that's why HSV had to do such a massive reskin - not to make it seem more unique, but to actually give it the feel of a performance car.

    The VF CGI has addressed that, Greg...

  8. Oz. Says:

    I don't know.

    But somehow I think this would be more like a VE series 2, The VF would have different sheet metal, not use current HSV sheet metal.

  9. Martin Bennett Says:

    Very true Oz. VF wouldn't use VE HSV sheetmetal. And...

  10. Patch Says:

    I quite like it... side vent looks clean, and sports front bumper looks very cool. If it looks this good, i'd buy one!

  11. Sunkist Says:

    Front looks simular to Evo 10, forget holden and ford they are fuel money holes. Best car at the moment is peugeot 308tdi it uses 3.6 litres per 100 ks at 29990, i mean 6 litre holden now plans of 7 litres plz i would like to see holden and ford build something like 308 more than another performance car after another.

  12. Martin Bennett Says:

    Oh f'ing yay, that's it isn't it: let's all go and buy a peugeot 308tdi. If you can get 3.6-litres per 100km then the Edsel was a success.

    Not everyone wants a 308 DIESEL. It's French, looks like a diseased fat frog on dope, is driven and marketed primarily to females, it's got as much room in the back as a London townhouse and is quite frankly not a great car at all.

    Commodore is topping the sales charts with it's "6 litre performance car";, yet people still yaber on about how Australia has no interest in it. For gods sake people, Holden V8 and HSV sales have NEVER been higher.

    Why would they not invest more money in performance machines? And you can hardly say they aren't working on fuel economy:

    The VB Commodore had a 5-litre 87kW V8, used about 15 litres per 100km and weighed between 1200 and 1300 kg's. Today, a 6.0-litre E-Series produces 307kW, uses about 15 litres per 100km and weighs more than 1800kg.

    To me, that sounds like pretty bloody good fuel economy. If you want a good diesel - forget the Peugeot 308, get a Hyundai i30 or a Golf. End. Of. Story.

  13. nic brooks Says:

    Im a holden boy but im sorry the ve looks better then this..if holdens to update it please use the torana concept front lights this would look really good and possibly a big mouth grill like a audi a5 wuth a massive holden badge centered this would really make it stand out.

  14. Martin Bennett Says:

    If they were to use torana tt36 headlights - that'd be like taking a step backwards. That design has been around since 2004, it would date very quickly.

    The VF update won't be too major on the exterior - it won't be anything more than VT-VX. It'll just be minor suspension/ESP upgrades with a major equipment upgrade:

    VF Needs these updates:
    6-speed auto is standard
    227kW V6 available
    V8 has 290kW and cylinder deactivation
    More subtle spoiler designs for SV6 - SS-V (less obtrusive)
    Satellite navigation standard on Calais/SS and up
    Turbo Diesel V6 with at least 180kW
    Aluminium Body panels or other weight reduction technology
    Standard Air-con, curtain airbags and interior door grabs
    turbo Alloytec V6 (see below for more details)

    These updates would be feasible:
    3.6-litre Twin-Turbo Direct-injection V6 - > 300kW
    Proper handbrake
    Coupe, Crewman, Hatch (ie Torana tt36) and AWD variants
    bonnet scoops on SS-V
    Caprice-V variant
    Reversing cameras
    Mirror-mounted indicators

    accross the range projector headlamps
    accross the range parking sensors, automatic headlamps and wipers
    no more base-V6; high-output as standard, direct-injection on performance and luxury models
    Coupe 60-style Steering Wheel on HSV GTS
    Supercharged 6.2-litre GTS-R Coupe
    Carbon-fibre bonnets, roofs to reduce weight

  15. Sunkist Says:

    lol wow what a wish list maybe you could put golden fish in there as well maybe if it was audi or bmw, and if you call 15 litres good economy then the end of story is. Wait when fuel hits 2 dollars not even tradies wont be able to fill ss and xr8 becouse they are only people that buy them at the moment.

  16. Martin Bennett Says:

    I accept that it is only a matter of time before petrol prices hit $2 a litre, but I don't really care. Prices are well above 1 pound in brittain, yet they manage to run aston martins and the likes - in much heavier traffic.

    15 litres is not that bad - you get about 10 litres out of a Mondeo, but with a commodore or falcon you get extraordinary levels of performance which makes driving so very entertaining.

    By the way, HSV have just confirmed a 6.2-litre V8 for E-Series :). Awesome stuff, I can't wait for the 9.0-litre Supercharged V8 GTSR in 2012. Haha, go on driving your Fiat Pandas and Toyota Prius's.

    dunno where u get the idea that tradies r the only ones who buy V8 australians...

  17. nic brooks Says:

    Holden could give the vf possibly the new head lights cat eye would look a bit more sharper. But lvoe the rest of this cocnept design.

  18. Max Says:

    Well Well im bak again and i havnt posted for AGES!
    Well ay it seems to me Holden are realy starting to kik up the VE design, But ive read this post and all of you are goin on about Fuel Consumption well im sorry but hears the hard facts,
    1 as much as i love the commodore im holden thru and thru u guys are forgetting 1 thing, a 6.0 litre v8 will always have a high fuel consumption rate. Why because in lame mans term a v8 is for the enthusiest who doesnt mind paying that little bit extra,

    2 This is just simple math if you have more cylinders with a higher cc rating on each cylinder there is no doubt there is goin to be an increase in fuel consumption an power a V8 will produce power and thats why holden make eight cylender vehicles, Yes fuel economy and power is with absolutly no doubt the grail of a cars performance and the way the public view the car.

  19. Max Says:

    (sorry internet cut out)
    Ok you say but what about the 6 cylinder Vehicles, hears the truth, the Alloytec motor is with out a doubt a powerful V6 but why is it that ford have now a 195kw motor in there straight 6 standard wich is less superiour in design to a Vee configured motor? hears the thing...If a holden V6 has a less fuel consumption rating than a 4.0 litre straight 6 vs a 3.6 litre YES thats right NOT 3.8L But 3.6L Alloytec motor it comes down to one thing once again the simple thing we learnt at skool maths, holden is getting around 195 Kw with only a 3.6L motor that weighs far less than fords bullet proof straight 6 wich again i might stress that this is a 4.0l motor, do i dare say any more? holden are doing the best they can with what they've got, and YES all models will have there faults but thats the nature of producing a new varient in technology, correct? I think so.

  20. Joshua baker Says:

    Iam so glad that you made a new commodore
    and would you be able to get me some front
    and back pitchers of the VF commodore

  21. K-Dog Says:

    I love the front end, but the headlights look too Opel-ish i reckon
    but its a great looking car otherwise

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