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2010 Mazda 9

May 5th, 2008

Since 2002 a booming Mazda has done without a hero saloon. An archetypal staple of so many Japanese brands, a large luxury sedan has been successful in both Japan and overseas markets. Lexus, in the late nineteys proved that Asian brands and their reputations can be valued and celebrated. More recently, surprisingly expensive cars from Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and even Hyundai have been hits, offering a great deal of value in a price bracket that represents questionable asking prices for some of Germany's finest.

Mazda, perhaps the top Asian marque from the last five years will surely look to expand as that appears the trend to find market share. Both Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have built successful empires off constantly expanding lineups. As a bread-and-butter model, a new 929 (9, as it would be known under the current naming scheme) is a requisite in the US market and would likely be financially viable overseas where Mazda is booming.

The recently unveiled North American model Mazda 6 (pictured) is evidence that size is a priority and that larger Mazdas are once again on the radar. The supplied image takes a glance at a large Mazda applying the Nagare (flow) styling. The main feature is a sliced glasshouse that meets the tailgate seamlessly, echoing the shape of a classic coupe and offering maximum space.

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9 Responses to “2010 Mazda 9”

  1. Mark Bartlett Says:

    I think alot of poeple are going for economy now, given the rising prices of fuel on today's garage forcourts.

  2. Martin Bennett Says:

    I hate how the Americans have to change everything - cars, engines, names,..the dictionary.

    It seems logical though that there would be a Mazda9 - I saw an old mazda 929 on the road just the other day and began wondering where Mazda's large car had got to, as you said - all the other japanese brands are doing it.

    Mazda's have always been a little bit different though - they still have the quality and reliability or a Toyota or a Honda, but they always have funk and style as well. Just look at the new 2.

    If the 9 did make production I'd be interested in a 210kW V6, twin-turbo V6 (a la Jaguar/2010 Falcon) as well as a Turbo Rotary option - it's about time Mazda started to expand upon this engine, as it is utterly unique and different - just like Mazda.

  3. Serch Says:

    Gotta remember that Mazda used to have a large sedan in the States, the Millenia, such a beautyful car, unfortunely didn't make it against others large sedans such as Nissan Maxima or Toyota luck this time Mazda!!!

  4. Driven By Design Says:

    This idea was great … when I thought of it a few months ago! :)

    Check out my interpretation of a full-size Mazda ... not to pride myself, but it's much more intriguing than this goofy looking chop!

  5. admin Says:

    Driven By Design, I like the variety of angles you use for your designs. Side views and... well, more side views!

    I hadn't seen your design before this, but its uncanny how similar they are.

  6. Martin Bennett Says:

    I dunno, there's something Citroen C6-like about it. That's praise, surely - whether u like the C6 or not it's certainly got character.

  7. Starky Says:

    If the GRWD goes ahead, it could even be based on a Falcon! Given the current cost-cutting going on at Ford, given that the Falcon will probably have the same engine and similar suspension (Mazda currently uses double a-arms and multilinks in Mazda 6, should be same for a Mazda 9), it would be positively stupid not to.

  8. Starky Says:

    Driven by Design, your design seems completely impractical and the interior would be positively claustrophobic. Supercar design? Yes, but these are sedans we are talking about. I'll concede that the front end theme of this chop is a bit messy, but as for Driven by Designs, well, we don't really know what your front looks like do we?

  9. toasty redhead Says:

    Thank you for a great post.

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