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VF Commodore Teaser

May 30th, 2008

CGI Automotive cannot bring you a story this weekend. Instead, here's a sneak peak of one of the images that will comprise our VF Commodore feature, to be released in the (very) near future.

In the meantime, take a look at our previous attempt at VF. We can tell you we're not far off, but we didn't capture the aggression that will define the VF sports models.

On another note, if you can contribute to CGI Automotive - be it in words or images - please flip us email here.

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8 Responses to “VF Commodore Teaser”

  1. Martin Bennett Says:

    Thanks to the recent update of VE there really is little wrong with the Commodore. The Omega isn't so much of a let-down anymore - it's equipment levels are right up there now.

    i sincerely hope that the 4-speed automatic dies. also, i hope the high-output V6 replaces the standard V6 on Omega and Berlina and the direct-injection V6 replaces the high-output V6 on SV6 - Caprice. If not - at least on the Calais V or maybe even a Caprice V??

    What are the chances of that smaller SL50 (I think it's SL50???) 6-speed gearbox bolting on to the V6??

    Holden must be overdue for a new logo as well...

  2. Duck Says:

    What for whats wrong with the logo? Its a lion pushing a stone, whats the problem? What it does not look modern anymore? Well if thats the case you are wrong!

  3. Duck Says:

    ^Martin Bennet ive been listening to your comments on the website (I come from CarAdvice) and i believe most of your comments sound good and you sound like a good bloke too. But whats wrong with the Holden badge?

  4. O Says:

    I reckon it needs a new badge something more modern alogn the lines of the new vauxhall logo

  5. Duck Says:

    ^A new Vauxhall logo how new O? Send me a link please.

  6. Martin Bennett Says:

    Hahahaha! There's absolutely nothing wrong with the Holden badge, I was just making a joke about how many times Holden has changed its logo - and it's been a while since they changed it. That was the only part of my comment you weren't supposed to take seriously :D

    By the way, the new Vauxhall logo looks very very nice - they got rid of all the little details on the Griffin (such as the split feathers on the wings and arms) and it now looks far more modern.

    Duck - thanks for your kind words, here's a link to the new Vauxhall logo if you haven't seen it:

  7. Duck Says:

    Thanks Martin Benett, it does look a lot more modern to!

  8. Danice Says:

    I'm not ealsiy impressed. . . but that's impressing me! :)

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