Ferrari California Mondial Car

Ferrari California Mondial: The Four-Seater With Character

The Ferrari California Mondial is a series of 2-door four-seater sports cars with a 2 + 2 formula, mid-engined and manufactured by the Italian automobile company Ferrari from 1980 to 1993. The design of this car was developed by the Italian design studio Pininfarina.

Sports cars of the Mondial series can be recognized by the characteristic design of the front optics; in the inactive state, it is retracted into the engine compartment. Overall dimensions are 4535x1810x1235 millimeters, the base is 2650, the ratio of the front and rear tracks is 1520/1560 millimeters. The ride height is 125 millimeters, the car is equipped with 205/55 R16 tires.

The hood of the compartment is installed on the same level as the wings, hollowing down to the bow. The entire surface of the bumper is occupied by vertical and horizontal blinds of the radiator grille, narrow turn signals and the same daytime running lights. On the side surfaces of the hind wings are made bells of the air intakes. Front and rear struts have an equally gentle angle of inclination. Paired marker lights have a round shape.

The First Model

The Ferrari Mondial line-up began with the Mondial 8 Coupe, which was first introduced in March 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show. The manufacturer’s goal when creating this model was to satisfy a wider range of consumers. Mondial 8 did very well, thanks to the ability to comfortably accommodate four people in a classic mid-engined coupe. This distinguished the car from its two-seater brothers.

However, this marketing move had not only positive consequences. The reason lies in the engine that the sports car was equipped with: a 3.0-liter V8 with a Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical injection system. The power unit was 214 hp, but the Mondial 8 has been much larger and heavier than other models of that time, and a similar engine could not provide sufficient dynamics for the car.

The maximum speed of the Mondial 8 was 220 km / h. Acceleration to 100 km / h in the sports car took 9 seconds. As for the transmission, a 5-speed manual gearbox was installed here. The release of this model continued until the end of the summer of 1982. As a result of widespread discontent and negative public comment, Ferrari has unveiled a new version of the Mondial series car called the Ferrari Mondial QV. QV meant “Quattrovalvole”. For the entire existence of the first Mondial 8 model from 1980 to 1982, a total of 703 cars were produced.

Beginning of the Second Iteration

Model Ferrari Mondial QV, released in the summer of 1982, was equipped with a 3-liter V8 Tipo F105 A engine. The power of which increased and amounted to 235 hp. at 6800 rpm. As a result of such refinement, the Mondial QV increase its maximum speed to 235 km / h. While the acceleration time to 100 km / h now took only 7 seconds for the sports car. This is 2 seconds less than the Mondial 8. The last figure had a more important role for the consumer.

Thanks to the work done, the dynamics of the new car has become more consistent with the classic two-seater models of those years. As for the appearance of the new version, the only difference between the Ferrari Mondial QV and Mondial 8 models was the marks in the back.

In September 1983, the public was presented with the successful and loved by the public open-top version of the Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet. The top of the car was cut off, and instead the sports car received a soft folding awning. The mechanism of springs and steel tubes operated manually and was securely fixed in the grooves of the windshield frame. The convertible was equipped with the same engine as the Ferrari Mondial QV coupe. Until 1985, 629 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet and 1,145 Ferrari Mondial QV coupe were assembled.

The Next Step in the History of Ferrari Mondial

In September 1985, the next version of the Mondial series, called the Ferrari Mondial 3.2, was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The model was proposed both in the coupe and in the convertible. The sports car received a power unit V8 Tipo F105 C. It has a volume of 3.2 liters, the power of which was 270 hp. at 7000 rpm. The maximum speed of the Ferrari Mondial 3.2 was 232 km / h. It can accelerates to 100 km / h took 6.8 seconds. The automotive press of those times warmly welcomed the advanced Ferrari Mondial and rightly noted the enormous distance traveled by automobiles from its imperfect family beginners.

In 1987, Ferrari Mondial 3.2 cars began to be equipped with an anti-lock braking system or ABS. During the production of the Ferrari Mondial 3.2 model from 1985 to 1989, 987 Coupe and 810 Cabriolet were produced.

Legendary Mondial T

In March 1989, the final model of the Mondial line was introduced. The sports car has received many changes, called Ferrari Mondial t. The car was also offered in two body styles: coupe and convertible. The sports car was substantially redesigned, although the appearance of the car has changed slightly. The interior of the car was also completely redesigned.

But the most important was the new engine, which received the model Mondial t. It was a 3.4 liter V8 Tipo F119 D or G power unit with a power of 300 hp. at 7200 rpm. The engine was equipped with an electronic control system Bosch Motronic M2.5. It was the fastest model of all Mondial. The maximum speed of the Mondial t was 253 km / h, and acceleration to 100 km / h took 5.8 seconds.

Production of the Ferrari Mondial t continued until 1993. Over the entire production period, 858 Coupe and 1017 Mondial t Cabriolet were produced. So did the Ferrari California model.