are volkswagens expensive to fix

Are Volkswagens Expensive to Fix? Maintaining A Volkswagen


What do you exactly look in a car? Or shall we say, what features or advantages do you consider when buying a car? Every car is different, as well as the manufacturer itself. Every company has its own edge and whichever we choose, there comes underlying factors that we should be looking at it before even buying one.

Like the German car, Volkswagen, or in short, VW. There are a lot of opinions and comments from people about maintaining a VW. Is it really expensive? Or is it just cheap? Do I really need to go to the dealership to fix it? These are just a few of the questions that a lot of VW car owners have in mind. Whether yes, no, maybe or depends, well, let’s just take a look on this: are Volkswagens expensive to fix?

In this article, we are to lay out all the factors that are related to VW maintenance. If you own a VW, well this is for you. And, if you are still planning to get one, better keep reading to add this up to your deciding factors.

Before anything else, what are Volkswagen cars?

Volkswagen is a Germany-based automaker which started making cars in the 1930s. The VW Beetle is their famous make since then, and until now with modifications tailored to modern cars already. VW cars ranges from sedans to SUVs to vans and also to cargo vehicles like trucks, for instance. There were specific years that VW rank top 1 in sales worldwide including its sub-group companies under it. German cars or basically Europe-based cars are expected to be a lot more expensive than Asian and American cars, but it still depends on the make and the features the car has. Regardless of that, the choice is still up to the consumer on which automaker he/she wants to consider.

Volkswagen are expensive to fix. Is this true?

This question is normal for some consumers who are curious of what they are going to spend on maintenance in the future. Another question the lies in relation to this is, if the car is expensive, does that necessarily mean the maintenance is expensive too?

For this, let’s have the 1st point.

The answer to the question above is, it does not necessarily follow.

Even if the car is expensive, is there a possibility that you will be spending a lot of money for its maintenance? Based on my point of view, of course not. Looking at it, VW cars have a high-quality standard and have been proven to make reliable cars since then and so, for sure, this would mean lesser maintenance in the future. Aside from the obvious and required preventive maintenance like engine oil change, brake fluid, coolant, and the like, other things that would require maintenance or fixing in other cars do not necessarily follow through with VWs.

These cars are so sophisticated that even to the smallest detail, they still put their effort in making it worthwhile for the owner; allowing the car owner to save a lot in the long run due to lesser maintenance cost. The consumer’s experience is still the best review an automaker should consider taking a look at.

The 2nd point would be, it depends on the country.

This would relate to the question, are Volkswagens expensive to fix and maintain in Australia? Dealerships are everywhere and they are spread all throughout the world to attend to consumer’s needs but when it comes to requesting some parts or even fixing a very unique issue or problem with the car, that’s a different story. There are cases wherein the dealership does not have stocks on hand on the part/s being requested, so there’s still a need to wait for the part to be shipped from a place to your place. This is normal and it does still apply to all car brands. Therefore, it does not just apply to VW.

Pointing out the 3rd one, it also depends on the type of issue or problem your VW has. 

If it already involves the engine, well, this is a different story. Usually, dealing with engine problems gives a lot of headache to the owner because it might cause a lot of money to fix it. Going back to the cost of one VW, well, there are makes that are more expensive to its other carmaker competitor. With this, encountering serious problems would require you to shell out more money from your pocket. On the other hand, if the issue is just minor and would not require a dealership or a service repair shop, then you can just have a DIY fix, but are Volkswagens hard to work on? Well, just make sure that you know how to fix it very well because if not, that may cause you money even more. Learn all the things you need to know and be more familiar with your VW car.


So, are Volkswagens expensive to fix? Well, not necessarily. It still depends on the 3 truths pointed above. VWs are trusted cars for how many years now and for sure, high-quality standards have been observed in every car they make. With this on the table, the car owner would have a chance to save maintenance cost in the long run.

The cause of asking this question is because the car owner wants to save money. In that case, aside from bringing that car to the dealership or even service repair shops, the car owner can learn all the DIY such as fixing just minor issues and problems the car has. It might need more confidence if the car owner decides to do it by himself, but with continued learning and research, surely they will reap what they sow.

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