Best car for 3 kids

Best Car For 3 Kids: When a Four-Door Car Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

You have a nice car and a beautiful family. It’s you, your spouse, and… just ONE child. But the months go by and after a year you don’t have just one child anymore. Now you have two beautiful children, and of course still one spouse, and the same car. Everything is ok, but then…

The third child comes and everything changes… All your car dynamics are changed just because you not only have one child anymore, neither do you have two children but three…

Now it’s like a war in the back of your four-door car and your family needs something more…  LARGER.

You need a bigger car like a minivan or an SUV.

Thankfully, we are going to cover this in this article. We got your back!

You will know what’s the best car for 3 kids. We will share some of those cars here with you, and maybe one of those will be your future car.

Let’s get started?

Chevrolet Tahoe

This is the kind of SUV that has room to let all of your family spread out at the back of the car easily! All of your three kids will love this kind of SUV because they will have all kinds of space to do what they love the most…  play and play and play with each other! And they will love the entertainment system as well. Now you and your spouse can focus on the road ahead while your three kids are watching some cartoons or some youtube videos.

This Chevrolet has a 5.3-liter v8 engine that produces 355-horsepower. And has an optional Magnetic Ride Control suspension with it!

This is definitely one of the best SUVs for 3 kids.

Honda Pilot

Imagine all of your kids at the back of your car… it’s a war zone back there. So what will keep your kids from killing each other at the back of your car? A Blu-ray rear-seat entertainment. And the Honda Pilot got your back! This three-row crossover will help you out when you most need it! With this Honda Pilot, you will have all the interior space you need to separate your kids during long car trips. If you need more space at the back for your kids I can say that this is probably one of the best 3-row SUVs of 2020.

Chrysler Pacifica

So do you prefer minivans instead? So here it is… the Chrysler Pacifica. This is a very practical minivan and has all the space you want to make a war zone into a peace zone! This new Chrysler Pacifica has all the essentials a minivan can offer, with a rear seating entertainment system. As the name indicates, Pacifica, this will help you turn your kids into pacificists! This is a quiet minivan, we can say

Hyundai Tucson

Do you have kids that love to look at the stars at night? If they find that they can do just that while being at the back seat of this Hyundai they will beg you to buy it!  The Hyundai Tucson has a panoramic sunroof that will make your young ones enjoy every single ride.

This Suv is one of the best SUVs for 3 kids you will find. Probably is a great fit for your family if your kids are nature lovers!

Volvo XC90

Do you want to know another 3- row crossover? So I present you the Volvo XC90…

This Volvo has space for seven passengers…You have all the space you need to put all of your family in it! It’s definitely one of the best 3-row SUVs of 2020 you will find around town.

And it’s a winner, this second-generation Volvo XC90 won a comparison of Roadshow Rivals.

Seat Alhambra

This incredible minivan can accommodate seven people in it! Seven full-grown adults! So how many kids do you have? It doesn’t matter there’s room for all the family mix together! This seat Alhambra is roomy enough to even add a decent amount of luggage as well.

You will have all the interior space you need to fit all of your three child seats in the second row.

So, if you want a minivan that has all the necessary space for all of your kids to spread out this is the right car for you.

Volkswagen Touran

With the Volkswagen Touran, you can be assured that you will get a great driving experience along with a high-quality interior space. This Touran has seven seats in it with the option of adding two more seats.

Do you have three child seats? That’s fine, you can easily put all three child seats in the second row. You will have all the interior space you need for your big family with the Volkswagen Touran, your kids will love it!

Do you want a 3-row SUV? Go and check out the best 3-row SUVs of 2020. If you have 3 kids some of these cars are a good fit for you, I am serious. Go check them out. They are one of the best SUVs for 3 kids you will ever found.

Now that you have a big family is better for you to find a better car that suits your family’s amount of people, am I right?

This was the goal of this article, to help you find the best car for you and your family in this new season you are living. What is the type of car that suits you the best? Only you can decide that. But each one of these cars is a great fit for you and your family.

I hope that with some of this information you can find the right Suv or minivan that will help you with your kids.  You and your spouse deserve a long and quiet driving experience and having one of these cars could help you a lot, believe me.

I hope that you will find the best car for your 3 kids.

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