Best cars for short people

Best Cars For Short People: Important Factors To Consider

Do you consider yourself  “short”? Well if that’s the case, you also need to consider some important factors before buying a car. Because short people deserve to feel comfortable behind the wheel, we decided to share a list of the best cars for short people.

Car shoppers need to do lots of research before selecting a car that suits their needs. If you’re one of many petite drivers, this is the place for you!

If you are a short driver these cars are ideal for you, as they have helpful features to enhance your driving experience.

This is not just about the comfort you need behind the wheel, there are other important things you need to consider before buying a car, such as your positioning while driving, and the ability to adjust the pedals and the driver’s seat of your car more easily. You will need to know what cars with adjustable pedals and an adjustable driver’s seat will suit you the best.

Cars with safety systems such as blind spot warnings can also be beneficial to smaller drivers.

Having a car with all of that will give you the comfort you need,  and you will be safer and feel more confident in your driving. Everyone should feel safe when driving their car, short drivers included!

And maybe, just maybe, what you need is a smaller vehicle? For a short driver like you, maybe this is the best choice because with a smaller vehicle you can judge better the sizes of the car when you are parking.

Mazda 3

This car looks good, right? And if you are also looking for a car that looks good here it is…the Mazda 3. This is one of the best-looking cars you will ever see.

And it’s not just the good looking that is attractive to the eye, the price is also attractive. It’s not that expensive for a car like this. Yes, it’s a beautiful car, but it comes cheaper as well.

All versions of this car come with an adjustable steering wheel. This is what short drivers need, right?  You can also adjust where you sit, giving you a high seating position, and therefore great visibility.

This car has a high quality interior, ensuring a comfy ride.

Toyota Yaris

If you are a short person driving the Toyota Yaris is a great car for you. Why? There are many good reasons. Let’s begin with the steering wheel. In all versions of this Toyota Yaris, you will find a seat and steering wheel with height adjustment, which will help improve your road visibility.

This car has an adjustable driver’s seat which will ensure you have a good driving position. This will ensure good visibility while driving. 

This is one of those cars with the best visibility for short people, and it also has great fuel efficiency!

Fiat 500L

If you as a short person driving like to drive small cars then the 500L is ideal for you. 

If you prefer small cars with a small boor space just to fit what you want to put into the boot, then this is your car. 

Maybe you don’t want to use the interior space of your car with things, you just want people in it! We all have our preferences, right?

If you want more cargo space you can use the functionalities of the rear seats. They can slide backward and forwards to give you more interior space for your passengers and more extra legroom, which gives your passengers a comfortable drive.

And the best part? This is a cheap car! Shorter drivers do get some benefits, as tall people struggle to fit into small cars.

Skoda Fabia

Not all new cars have an adjustable steering wheel that is adjustable for height and reach,  and for a short person driving a car, this is bad news for you. 

But you know what? The Skoda Fabia is a great fit for you. It has an adjustable steering wheel that goes up and down, and that pulls in and out from your dashboard if you need it.

And what about the seat? You can give yourself a high seating position in this car, which is extremely beneficial.

And let’s talk about visibility because as a short person driving a car you are looking for a car with the best visibility for short drivers, right? Well, when it comes to that the parking sensors will help you get good all-around visibility when your parking.

Nissan Leaf

But what if you are more into electric cars? And as a short person will you find one that fits you? Well, yes you are… the Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan Leaf has an elevated seating position that will give you great visibility of the road. This is also a car with the best visibility for short drivers and as a short driver you are this car will suit you very well.

Did you know about the clever Propilot system? Well, this Nissan Leaf has it. The car has the ability to park itself. The NIssan Leaf is also a really smooth ride.

Ford Mondeo

Big cars can be some of the worst cars for a short a short driver. However, the Mondeo comes with parking sensors that will give you better visibility when you need it! And of course, it also has something that you will love, which is a steering wheel that is adjustable for reach and height.

If you are a short person and want a midsize sedan that is big but adjustable for your size, then the Ford Mondeo is your ideal car!


These were just some of the best vehicles that will suit you very well if you are a short person driving.  As a short person, you need to look for cars in an entirely different way than an average height person, because you need to think about highway safety while driving. That means looking for cars with adjustable pedals, seats, and steering wheels. These additional features ensure that your car fits you!

Just to be certain you’ve made the right choice, take the car out for a test drive, and make sure it is a comfortable ride.

And all of these cars will offer you one or two of those things, and some will make available all of them.

As a short driver, you must drive safely, and have excellent visibility. That’s why we shared these cars with you.

I believe that all those cars are great for short drivers, but you have your own preferences, so choose wisely and be safe in your driving.

If you’re a really short driver, and even with a small car still struggle to drive, get yourself some car pedal extenders.

Hopefully now you will know the best cars for short drivers.

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