Best time to sell a car

Best time to sell a car – Being smart about your sale!

We have all been in a position where we felt it was time to dispose off of something; hopefully, we also want to get a good amount in return. More often than not, we wait a bit too long or overestimate the worth of something without taking the proper care. This applies to automobiles too; deciding the best time to sell a car can be a bit tricky.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules about when exactly is the best time to really sell your car, but you can make many educated decisions based on what we already know. Keep your expectations in check, and always take care of your vehicles, to avoid any issues during the sale. An older car in good condition will always be preferred over a newer one in poor condition. There are many factors that can affect this, and we will be looking at those.

Best time to sell a car, and other related questions!

How long to keep a car before selling – The Average Duration

We all own vehicles and frequently purchase new ones to replace the old ones. This can be an expensive activity, especially if you are paying the price in full. In these situations, most people will try to get a good price for their previous vehicle. 

On average, most people like to keep their vehicles for 15 years before changing those, and moving on to another one. Unlike other machinery, 15 years for a car isn’t that long, and if kept in good condition, the car’s value won’t go down substantially. Anything below this is a positive, but going above the 15-year gap will likely cause issues when trying to get some decent return. 

If you are the kind of person that wants to change their car every few years, you are in luck, because keeping a car for 3,4 years will make sure that the car can be sold for a fairly large value, and not far from what you paid. Deciding how long to keep a car before selling can be made less stressful if the owner takes care of their vehicle.

The worst time to sell a car – Things to avoid!

When it comes to selling something and buying a new thing, we all want to be done with it quickly. However, doing that can sometimes cause problems, and we can make small mistakes that we regret later. Selling cars is no different, and knowing the worse time to sell a car can be pretty beneficial.

You don’t want to sell a car when it has been in an accident and not gone through the required fixes. This is crucial because any dealer or potential buyer won’t entertain you if your car is in poor condition. Similarly, if you plan to sell a car when it is dirty, you will get a similar negative response.

Another thing to keep in mind is to never sell your car in the first few months of purchase. The moment you leave a dealership with a brand new car, it’s value drops, and that increases over time. Get proper mileage out of it for a few years so that you don’t feel about losing money so fast.

Best day to sell a car – Study the demand!

This is the fun part, as there have been a lot of studies about this. According to experts, the best seasons to sell a car is in Spring and Summer. This is when people like to get out, and really put time into purchasing a vehicle. Winters are suited for more practical and larger vehicles, but during summers you will have the highest chances of getting a car sold.

Try visiting a dealer during the day, around noon, or 11 am. This is when people are most receptive, and you are likely to get a better experience overall. When it comes to the best day to sell a car, however, Tuesday and Wednesday are ones to look out for. On Monday, most employees just came from the weekend, so these 2 days are the sweet spot.

Summers are also when students get their vacations, and this is when they want to do some serious investing in a vehicle for summer jobs. Now, Summers and Springs are good for everyday cars, but if you have something that is more suited to harsher climates, Winters are a good time to sell those. People looking to move to remote or harsher climates will need power vehicles, like Jeeps. 

One thing to keep a close look at is the price of petrol. If for whatever reason you notice there is an abnormal change in the daily petrol price, it might be best to hold off for a bit till it stabilizes. Some people can be put off by high prices, and would rather wait for fuel prices to go down before buying a vehicle for their daily use.


The situation and circumstances for when it is the best time to sell a car may vary. However, there are always a few educated assumptions we can make. Keeping the car clean and maintained goes a long way no matter when you are selling it. Summers and Springtime are the most ideal seasons for selling a vehicle and attract the most buyers. 

Knowing when not to sell your car is also vital, and because of that, we recommend that you never let go of the vehicle in the first few months of purchase. Don’t ever sell a car in poor condition, and be smart about what kind of vehicle you are selling.

It’s not a complicated matter, but getting the best price out of a sale is always something we should strive for; we all want to have some cash when buying a new car. Keep your expectations in check, and understand that the value you have in mind; it might always be slightly higher than what the real value is.