can i legally clamp a car that's parked on my driveway

Can I Legally Clamp a Car That’s Parked on My Driveway?

So your 9-5 grind is done, and you drive your way back home. You just can’t wait for a fresh meal with your family. Arriving at your driveway, you see a car parked. It’s frustrating, right? Your nerves just got into you and you just want to clamp that car right away. What’s worse is you don’t even know where the owner is. So the question that comes up in your mind is, “can I legally clamp a car that’s parked on my driveway?” What will you do? Will you totally clamp that car?

Well, let’s discuss more about that and see what should be done. There are certain regulations for this case and following the law is the best choice even if you are totally pissed off and would want to start a fight (I hope so, not). Below are the best things that you should do.

It is illegal for you to clamp a car even if it’s illegally-parked in your driveway

You might be already angry by this time, but don’t clamp the car by yourself. Moreover, since the area is a private property, authorities have lesser right to clamp a car without consent from the owner. The car is still owned by someone, so better to just talk to the owner about the issue. Below are some of the things that you could do with cars illegally parked in your driveway:

First things first, be calm. If the owner is inside the car, approach him/her politely and state your case. Explain that you are the owner of the house in that driveway where his/her car is parked. In this way, for sure the issue will be easily settled and no conflicts may occur.

If the owner is not in the car, you may leave a polite note on top of his windshield which you can slip on his wipers (in order for it not to be flown away by the wind). It’s understandable that you can’t go inside your garage so you can just park somewhere near your house. This is a bit of an effort, but if you don’t want to go thru a conflict, it’s better to be just humble about it.

Another thing that you can do if the owner is not in the car is that, you may approach your neighbors and ask if they know who owns the car parked in your driveway. I know this is quite an effort too, but this is another best way to avoid conflicts.

If the ways above won’t work, everything’s out of your control, and worst case the car owner doesn’t want to move out of your driveway, then it’s time for you to call the authorities.

But then you might ask, “how to report a car blocking my driveway?”

“A car is blocking my garage, who do I call?” You can call the nearest police station and you can state your case to them and there’s no reason they won’t listen and attend to your request. Sometimes, a police officer is needed to settle the case. We do have our own positive intentions, but sometimes, people just don’t want to follow what’s right. Therefore, you have no choice but to defend yourself by asking help from the authorities.

Things to do on how to prevent cars from illegally parking in your driveway

  • Place visible signs. You can put a signage in your driveway area saying, “don’t block the driveway” or you may rephrase this statement (up to you). This would give any car owner the thought that this is a private property, and they should respect that.
  • Place cones or any obstruction that would provide the idea that it’s not allowed to park in that area.
  • If you have extra money, try installing a gate until your driveway. This may cost you more but will avoid you with headaches in dealing with these kind of car owners.
  • Another one, try putting up some cameras along the driveway so that you’ll be notified of illegally-parked cars. You may say, “an unknown car parked on my driveway, I should check this out.” Also, cameras are for security purposes so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Again, you can do this if you have the extra money for buying those cameras. Now that we have technology advancements, security cameras are already accessible in your phone and you just need to be connected to the internet. The video that you see on your phone is real-time, so that’s a big help in monitoring your house from time to time as well.
  • You may also try to check with your neighbors to help you watch for illegally-parked cars. This strategy is a bit off track, but who knows, these neighbors of yours might be willing to help you.


Never underestimate your power to control anything that’s meddling with your private property, especially your driveway. You own that, that’s yours. There’s no way they won’t respect you for that. But always remember, approach the issue with calmness. Nothing beats a calm mind. It is better to fix the issue in a good way, rather than a conflict.

If you were to ask yourself again, “can I legally clamp a car that’s parked my driveway?” Well, after the things that we have tackled above, for sure your answer is no. This might already involve authorities, but a consent from the owner of the car is very important before clamping/towing it. We don’t want to end it that way, so a civil talk with the owner is the best way to finally drive your car to your garage and eat that fresh meal with your family.