Can You Buy a Car without a License

Can You Buy a Car Without a License? What You Should Know

License is an official permission to use, do, or own something. A party can allow it to another party as a sign of an agreement between the two parties. Can you buy a car without a license? Of course, yes, you do not need a driver’s license to purchase a car; but, obviously you need a valid driver’s license before you can get behind the wheel of a car and drive. Act of buying can be done as long as you are capable and willing to pay for the car.

In case you plan to buy a car, though, you may have to leap through some loops. You should be able to go through the process easily as long as you have a valid id. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about buying a car without a license. Let us begin!

How to Purchase a Vehicle without a License.

Can you buy a car without a license? Yes and here are steps to follow when buying without license.

Step 1: Point out the Main Drive

Determine the person to drive the vehicle and lawfully possess the car. If it is one and same person, this will make the registration, insurance process and car-buying simple despite not having your own license. 

Step 2: Search for Insurance Issuers

It is very hard especially when you do not possess a driver’s license to insure a vehicle. Pay a visit to a websites buying cars and speak to insurance companies to discover one that issues car insurance to buyers without a license at a sensible rate.

Step 3:  Buy from a Private Seller or Dealership

Without a license, you can purchase a vehicle by buying from the perfect dealership. There are dealerships who sell vehicles to buyers who lack driver’s license, although others may ban it completely.

You can also buy a vehicle from a private seller in the state you live in, which can let you end registration afterwards.

Step 4: Acquire Financing  

In case you wish to fund your purchase, you will need to look for a dealership that o finance car buyers without a driver’s license. Otherwise, you can opt to take car loan from a third-party supplier or decide to pay for the car in cash.

Step 5: Be Accompanied by a Licensed Driver

How to purchase a vehicle without a license. Bring a licensed driver along whether you are plotting to give the title to someone else completely or as co-possessor, then you will have managed to purchase a vehicle without a license. Bringing a licensed driver along, allows avoid shipment fees to get the vehicle home.

Step 6: Finish registration

In case you bought the vehicle from a private car seller, or rather, you purchased it as a present from a dealership; you will be required to finish registration process. In case you wish to carry on with part of the possession of the car, this means placing your name on the title. If you purchased the vehicle as a present, this means recording the vehicle in the stub’s name after the title has their name. 

Hurdles of Buying a Car without a License.

Buying a car without a license can be more complex than doing so with a license even though it does not matter. Can you buy a car without license? If so, here are the biggest obstacles you can face when buying a car without a license.


One of the biggest hurdles of buying a car without a license you will face when buying a car without a license is the registration process. For a car to be driven on public roads, the DMV registration must be to the owner of the car, whose name is written on the title.

The condition is that you need a valid driver’s license to register a car. You cannot register a car in your name without a license, which can prevent you even though indirectly from purchasing a car for yourself.

This is only an issue if you decides on full ownership of the car. It is not applicable if:

You are buying the vehicle as a gift. 

You’re buying the vehicle for your business purposes. 

You are buying the vehicle as a collector’s item.


Obtaining the proper insurance coverage for your car is needful before you can acquire financing and before the vehicle can go on road legally. 

The issue is, most insurance providers require name and license number of the applicants on the application. This information lets the insurance company check your driving record and decide your eligibility. However, you can overcome this issue if you are purchasing the vehicle for someone else and you know their name and license number.

Test Drive

Can you buy a car without license? As mentioned above, car dealerships do not require a driver’s license to purchase a car. A test drive is an important part of buying process, absence of license will not make the process complete.

These are just few hurdle of buying a car without a license.


Can you buy a car without a license? Of course, yes. Although the system of purchasing vehicle is put up in a way that is friendly to license-holders, there are means to conquer those hurdles when you are buying a vehicle without a license.

Other hurdles that a car-buyer without license face that we did not mention are, insurance cover and delivery cost. You will not be in a position to insure your car without license and because you do not have license, you will not drive your car home so delivery cost will be investable.

If you do not have a valid driver’s license, we have provided you with six steps that will enable you buy a car. Follow them all. Thank you for reading this article and we hope you can now buy your car without worrying about the driver’s license that may not have now.