Car Parts Starting with A

Car Parts Starting with A

Think you know your car? Read on to discover the car parts starting with A (hint: you may have never heard of some of these!)


The accelerator is simply the gas pedal. Gearheads and pilots sometimes refer to the accelerator as the “throttle.” Irrespective of what you choose to call it, it helps your car to accelerate and cover more distance when you press it. 

Air Conditioning Services 

Your car’s air conditioning services are made of services carried out on the set of apparatus that supplies cold air to your car’s cabin. The main constituents of your car’s air conditioning system involve the refrigerant, expansion valve, evaporator, condenser, and compressor. 

Many issues can distract your car’s air conditioning system from performing its activity of generating cold air for the cooling of your vehicle. Sometimes, all you may need to fix the problem will be to including a refrigerant. 

But the normal tear and wear render fittings, hoses, and seals to wear out and get loose. Your car’s refrigerant may leak when this happens.

Air Conditioning Compressor

This air compressor system is part of the air conditioning system’s major elements. It is also the first thing in the sophisticated systems that keep your car from overheating when you are driving. 

It serves as a control system for a temperature output and also helps to compress the refrigerant into a gaseous state to be movable to other parts of the more complex air conditioning system. When the refrigerant leaks, you can have the air conditioning compressor compromised.  

Air Conditioning Drain Hose

This part of the car is responsible for the transportation of condensed liquid that piles up in a catch plan to the outer part of your vehicle when they are disposed of. 

If your car does not have a good drainage system for the catch pan, your floorboard may be flooded with water. To put it differently, this important but small part of your car is what keeps your carpets and shoes dry. 

Air Conditioning Condenser

The work of your car’s air conditioning condenser, just like the radiator, is to channel out the heat that the refrigerant accrued when the compressor compressed and changed its state into a gas. It is easy for condensers to be blocked by insects, dust, and leaves; then it is also susceptible to being clogged internally by metal debris when the compressor fails.

Air Conditioning Evaporator

The refrigerant will lose heat and become a law-pressured liquid when it enters the air conditioning evaporator. It is also tasked with converting the refrigerant from its gaseous state into a liquid state; the former can absorb heat better. The adjoining cooling fan will blow cold air into the car’s cabin. 

Even though it is not very common for evaporators to fail, it can be somewhat costly to have them replaced as the task involved is very complex. Because of this, the car manufacturers were careful enough to bury them deep under the instrument panel.

Air Conditioning Drier

The air conditioning drier is a part of a car with a desiccant built to serve as an absorbing agent to dry up the moisture that flows into the system from moist air. It is frequently designed to include a filter that traps some elements like debris. 

It ought to be replaced whenever the air conditioning system is operational. When the desiccant absorbs moisture to the level where it can be described as being saturated, it will cease to be effective.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

This braking system stops your vehicle from being in a locked up position when you brake to make sure that you do not lose control or skid. The anti-lock braking system functions via a control unit built to apply braking pressure to all the wheels of your car via a speed sensor system. 

Air Filter

Engines that are powered by gasoline often need oxygen as an important component to help them work correctly. But then, air contains contaminants such as dust particles; these can become damaging and abrasive if they find their way into your car’s engine. The air filter system allows oxygen into your engine and also filters out other particles. It is a very cheap item that you should strive to change often; this is to make sure that your engine operates at its maximum capacity. 


As you already know, airbags are a safety inclusion that helps your car provide some cushioning mechanism when it is involved in some sort of serious collisions. They were built to guard your body and face from violently hitting your car’s dashboard; steering, and some other sturdy surfaces whose impact on your body may leave you with serious injuries. Most recently produced cars are built with side airbags and front airbags that quickly eject out when your car collides with a hard surface.


Your car’s Alternator is what keeps its battery to retain some charges so that it can power up the electrical parts of your vehicle; these include the radio, windows, panel lighting, headlights, etc. The serpentine belt is the component that powers the Alternator.  

Similar to other mechanical components of your car, the inner parts of this part of your car can suffer wear and tear with time. As a result, it can lead to the sudden “death” of your car. A broken serpentine belt, bad battery, or bad Alternator can all lead to this.  


Antifreeze is a component of your car that mixes with water to ensure that the boiling point is raised and the freezing point is lowered. With this constituent, your car’s cooling system will be prevented from becoming frozen when the weather is incredibly cold; plus it also prevents corrosion and rust from incurring some degree of damage to your car. There is always that risk of your car becoming overheated when the antifreeze system of your car leaks.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

This fluid is responsible for lubricating a car’s gear system with automatic transmission. It also assists in keeping the value of your car operating optimally. It normally has a red color and is easily distinguishable from the other fluids and oils in your car.

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