Car Parts That Start With C

Car Parts That Start With C – More Than You Imagine!

Have you ever wondered what car part names that start with C? There are several car parts that start with C. Below is a list of the car parts that start with C and their function.

However, there are many car parts name that are as important, that start with different letters as well.  
There is the engine, which is the heart of your car, without it, your car will not be able to start up. Next, there comes the battery, which you need to power-up everything else in your car.

In addition, the radiator is very important to keep your engine’s temperature down and cool. If the temperature is too high, trust me you do not want to know what might happen. Then, the brakes, the alternator, the rear axle, the transmission, the muffler, the fuel tank, the rear suspension, shock absorbers and so on and so forth.

We cannot mention a never-ending list all here. Thus, as mentioned before, we only focus on car parts names that start with C and their functions.

Car Parts Names List


A camshaft is a shaft with a cam or more fixed on it. These camshafts are utilized in ignition systems, that are controlled mechanically, and in internal combustion engines. In addition, they are used in speed controllers of early electric motors.

Car Carburetor

A car carburetor is utilized for atomizing the petrol in petrol engines as well as regulating the input of the air-petrol mixture into the engine.

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is uses three-way catalysts to cut down the unpleasant, unwanted and toxic components of the products of combustion, or the exhaust fumes, which are primarily carbon monoxide oxides of nitrogen, and unburnt hydrocarbons.


This is the base of the car, more of a backbone. It is a steel frame, to which the engine, wheels and other mechanical parts of the car is attached.


It is within the carburetor of the car, whose engine runs on petrol and is responsible for enriching the petrol-air mixture by cutting down the air supply.

Child Car Seat

This seat is especially design to protect kids from death or injury during car accidents.


A clutch allows two revolving shafts to be connected or disconnected, as needed, distinctively the one that transmits the drive from the engine to the gearbox in a car.


It is the transformer, in an engine that run on petrol; which provides the high voltage to the sparking plugs.

Connecting Rod

It is a bar or rod that is used for motion transmission, for instance, connecting the spinning part to the reciprocating part.


Between the bonnet and windshield is some space or gap. This space is called a cowl and holds the car wipers. It also protects the area between the bonnet and the windshield.


The handle is connected to the crank that starts the car’s motor or engine.


The crankshaft is embodied in a housing of metal in internal combustion engines. This metal casing or housing is referred to as a crankcase.


In internal combustion engines, it is the shaft that has a series of cranks responsible for converting linear or reciprocating motion to rotary motion. It is the stamina of internal combustion engines.


The chamber or space in a reciprocating internal-combustion engine in which the piston slides backward and forward.

Cylinder Head

It is used to close the combustion chamber of the engine. The engine’s top part is called a cylinder head. The lower part of it is called the engine-block.


The console is the storage section midway the passenger’ in front and the driver seats. It is not only used for storing but can also have some control of the vehicle such has buttons, knobs etc.

Cooling System

The entire cooling system contains several components such as fans, radiators, a water pump, valves etc. that are responsible for bringing down the car’s engine temperature.

Cruise Control

It is a servo-mechanism that controls the car’s throttle instead of the driver and keeps a constant speed as set by the driver. It is designed to keep the speed steady on roads that require no recurrent stops or maneuvers.

Cigar Lighter

It has many other names such as automobile power socket, car outlet, cigar socket and many other alternatives as such. It was made to power a cigar that is electrically heated.


The names come from a French origin. It is the roof of the car that can be opened and close to have a ‘panorama’ view. Cars with a roof that can be opened is called a cabriolet.


This is essentially present in all cars. All cars have at least one or more computer. It receives sensory  information; for example: engine temperature, the amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank, the internal temperature in car’s salon, the position of the throttle, the ABS system, the cruise control etc. Secondly, it processes these sensory information as per programmed or set by the user.


To conclude, knowing basic car parts names not just car part names that start with C can be very useful. Imagine if your car needed a fix, how much easier would it be if you can explain your car’s problem to the car mechanic or service technician? It would save you a lot of time. Secondly, also helps you ask your service technician about how to adequately maintain your car, and that is when he uses his own jargon you will be able to understand it all, maybe not in depth, but better than not.

It is exactly as important to know where exactly is each part located. Having known most of the car parts will allow you to have deep discussions with your car technician. How awesome would that be? It is your time to explore more of the car parts name with all alphabets and their function.