Car parts that start with J

Car parts that start with J – All you need to know!

There are a bunch of parts that make up an entire vehicle; almost every single one of those is important one way or the other. Some parts outweigh the importance, especially parts that are running the vehicle. But, we must know as much as we can about the car we are driving. Here are the car parts that start with J. 

Now, remembering names using the first letter is a pretty good technique. It can be employed by various driving institutes as well. Knowing about your car, and its various parts can help you in the long run; the more you know about your vehicle, the higher chances are that when there is something wrong with it, you’ll know exactly what is going on. It also helps when it comes to the general maintenance.

Car Parts that start with J – Not a whole lot!

Well, this is a tricky one, and but there are not a lot of car parts that start with J, there is just one. However, even if there is just one part starting with J, it’s one of the more odd ones; it also has some interesting facts about it too.

The Jake Brake: You might already be wondering what kind of brake this is, and to be honest, because it isn’t so common, most people will never even hear about a jake brake. A jake brake is found in some cars that use diesel as a fuel to operate. The operation works like the following. Whenever someone activates a jake brake, it opens the exhaust valves to the cylinders, right before the compression stroke ends. This releases the compressed gas trapped in the cylinders and slows down the vehicle. 

Now, when this is activated, there is a very loud sound created. This can be very annoying for people around the vehicle; it’s also why it is banned in some states to use. The noise caused by this adds to the noise pollution and can scare people off as if some gun was fired. This braking mechanism works differently than regular brakes; instead of applying pressure with the foot, you can activate it using a switch on the dashboard, in most cases.

Another tool, which isn’t exactly part of the vehicle is Jack.

Referred to as a Hydraulic Jack, or a Car Jack. This tool is used to lift a vehicle, mostly when there is a flat tire. The jack is carefully placed under the car, and sometimes under the sides; after that, the pressure is applied to the tool itself, and slowly enough, the car is lifted gradually. This is used all around the world, and it is recommended to carry one with you, while you are out driving. These come in all sorts of different sizes; depending on the quality and size, can even lift heavier vehicles if needed, like a jeep or an SUV. 

Knowing about the tools that make up a vehicle, and the tools that facilitate us in driving are equally important, and at times, we can neglect either one of these. If you are planning on becoming a regular driver, then you should start learning about all the small things that make up a car, and what tools help us driving around, and maintain the car at our level. It is vital that we drive our car within the speed limits, and make sure we aren’t causing problems for our other fellow drivers on the road. Another reason to know about these tools is that you can see someone in need of assistance, and it is possible that they aren’t carrying the tools required to fix the vehicle. You can step in, and help each other, and make roads easier and safer for not just yourself, but everyone else too.

Car parts starting with S – A whole lot!

Now that we have seen a letter that has only one car part, how about we look at something that has a lot of those? Here are some car parts that start S.

Seats: Every car has these, and for the most part, you will have 2 seats in the front, and a single giant seat at the back which usually allows for 3 people to sit. Some sports cars have only two seats and two doors. The quality of the seats depends on the layer over them. Most seats are made up of synthetic materials, and the reason for that is that using pure materials might cause the car to heat up in the summers a bit too much.

Steering Wheel: One of the most basic components in a vehicle is the steering wheel. This allows for drivers to steer the car in the right direction, by essentially rotating a wheel that is always in front of the driver in the front seat. Different cars have slightly different versions of this; there are more advanced forms of steering wheels as well. They allow for smoother and faster steering.


Well, there aren’t a whole lot of car parts that start with J. But, the one that does start with it is interesting. The Jake brake is essentially found in some diesel cars, and not too many even in that. It allows for gradual slowing down of the vehicle; and, it doesn’t require the use of your foot like normally. It is also illegal in a lot of states, because of the loud noise it produces when you activate the brake itself. Now, a lot of people might not even know about this because it is mostly found in trucks. The noise itself is so loud, that it can easily be mistaken for a gunshot; that can scare people.

Apart from J, many car parts start with the letter S. Two of those are the seats, which are present in every car; and the steering wheel, which allows drivers to steer the vehicle.