Cheapest State to Buy a Car

Cheapest State to Buy a Car: Something to Note


When it comes to purchasing a vehicle there are things every person considers that can reduce to “which is the cheapest state to buy a car?” Then you will ask things such as will they have the type of vehicle I like? Does it still run well? Does it look good? Above anything, the most crucial consideration for almost every vehicle buyer out there is price. From state to state, the price can change extremely even for vehicles that are similar.

Generally, purchasing a vehicle is expensive and it can be more expensive especially if you live in a state that stud on sales tax and additional fees. At the same time, it can be significantly cheap to own a car in certain states. This article will help you find out the cheapest state to buy a new car. Let us find out!

Factors Affecting the Cheapest State to Buy a Car

In the time it seems like a Range Rover should be the same price in New Hampshire as it is in Idaho and California that is just not the case always. States can impose fees and taxes on auto sales that can extremely change the price of the exact same vehicle that may be thousands cheaper across state lines. This is one of the factors affecting the cheapest state to buy a car. Getting to know the best state to purchase the vehicle you want can certainly help you save a lot of money in the end in case you are dedicated to getting the value of your money.

Other few affect the general cost of a vehicle that can change what makes on state cheaper than the other state. Evidently, the initial price of the vehicle is a main factor and you will find that, on average Florida is one of the best states in the United States for a new vehicle in terms of the initial cost. Actually, vehicle prices in Florida are about 10% less than the rest of the states on average. This also influences the used vehicle market thanks to the reality there are so many older drivers selling used vehicles in the state.

Other things worth taking into consideration when trying to look for the cheapest state to buy a car are the fees that may be imposed on during the initial buying, the taxes and then the cost of insuring the car.

Top 6 Cheapest States to Purchase a Vehicle

New Hampshire

Here are the reasons why New Hampshire is one of the cheapest states to purchase a vehicle

  1. There is one-time initial fee of $25
  2. There is no sale tax when you purchase a vehicle, so you end up saving a lot of money upfront. This also applies in other states like Montana, Delaware, Alaska and Oregon.
  3. Repair costs in the state are reasonable.
  4. Insurance cover is affordable.

North Carolina 

The following are reasons why North Carolina is one of the cheapest states to buy a car:

  1. Title and registration fees are reasonably inexpensive
  2. Sales tax is only 3% which is relatively low compared to other states
  3. Insurance is sensible
  4. Maintenance and upkeep costs are inexpensive.

Missouri State

Why Missouri is one of the cheapest states to purchase a vehicle:

  1. Gas prices are among the cheapest expenses.
  2. Initial buying fees are average
  3. Most vehicle-related expenses such as transportation, title fees, ownership, registration, and insurance are cheaper than other states.

Virginia State

The following are reasons why Virginia State is one of the cheapest states to buy a car:

  1. Gas prices and insurance premiums are relatively lower than in some states.
  2. Initial fees such as registration fees, title and sticker prices are inexpensive than some other states.
  3. Repair costs are actually expensive, so it costs more to own a car in Virginia

Ohio State

Why Ohio State is one of the cheapest states to purchase a vehicle:

  1. Maintenance cost and gas prices are lower than most states.
  2. Car sales tax rate is 5.75%, which is a bit higher than other states.
  3. Insurance premiums are the second lowest in the United States.

Wisconsin State

Why Wisconsin is one of the cheapest states to purchase a vehicle

  1. Gas prices are inexpensive
  2. Car ownership costs are the second in the country
  3. Buying prices are higher than in Missouri and North Carolina.
  4. Maintenance costs are more reasonable than in many states

Cheapest States to Purchase a Vehicle: Overall Winner

New Hampshire is the overall cheapest state to purchase a vehicle, since registration costs are low and sales tax non-existent.

Florida is the second cheapest state in the country to purchase a vehicle, and the state has an amazing inventory. Actually, cars price are around 10% less than the average. Sadly, registration and title fees and tax are higher in Florida than in most states in the country.

You can choose the state you want to buy your car between the two states; New Hampshire and Florida.


When you buying a car, it is obvious you want a car that will give you the value of your money. You will definitely look for the cheapest state to buy a car and all others fess considered, from registration and sales tax, your best choice for purchasing is in New Hampshire. You could probably save thousands of dollars in a state like New Hampshire versus Alabama, for example.  That said, you could do great purchasing a vehicle in states like Florida, Ohio and Virginia as well.

Eventually, the vehicle you want, and your own budget is going to rule where you purchase it and how much you are ready to spend. As you can see, there are numerous considerations when it comes to purchasing a vehicle out of state. Just ensure that you think about all the costs and that you examine the vehicle properly before signing on the contract.