Different types of tractors

Different types of tractors – Everything you need to know!

Tractors are one of the oldest vehicles that people have been using since the 1880s and have been a staple of the agricultural industry. Anyone and everyone knows what a tractor is, and what the major uses of this vehicle are. Now, when we think about tractors, we all have a very generic image of a bulky image in our heads. However, there are different types of tractors, and the uses can vary based on the need of the consumers. 

For the most part, though, you will see tractors at farms, and it is because of the raw strength of the tractor, that it isn’t normally seen, or used in cities. This vehicle isn’t specific to some specific region either and is used all over the world. No matter where you are from, you must have seen at least one tractor going about its business. 

Different types of tractors – The common types!

Different tractors’ names – All the major ones!

Now, there are plenty of tractors, and one can often mix them up. Mostly, there are substantial differences between each; but, some subtle differences can sometimes cause some confusion as well. There are different tractors’ names, and each has a different use. 

First, there are the ground moving tractors.

These include the Excavators, Bulldozers, and Backhoe loaders. Now, you may be thinking these are construction-related vehicles, and you are right, but these still fall in the tractor category. These are heavy vehicles, and usually have some sort of contraption in the front. The uses can vary and could be used to break stones or move around dirt, rocks, debris, and all sorts of materials you might see at a construction site.

Next, there are the orchard type tractors.

These are, as you might have guessed, used in orchards. Most of these are pretty tall and have fairly large wheels too. These are mainly used to carry around different types of things you have grown in a specific orchard. The size and mobility allow you to easily navigate through the orchard without having to worry about any issues. You can go over twigs, thorns, and cover distances on all sorts of terrain. Let’s be real, an orchard doesn’t usually have the best ground quality, and going around can require a lot of effort on foot, or literally any other vehicle.

The next type of tractor is the industrial tractor.

This type of tractor is used for extremely heavy lifting. These are usually found in forests, where you need to carry giant logs, and need something that can not only carry these logs but carry these to different locations as well. Not only are these used in the woods, but are employed at factories as well. A lot of people probably haven’t seen these; they resemble something more like a crane than a tractor. But make no mistake, this is definitely a tractor, just something that is on the larger side of the scale.

Types of small tractors – More common types!

Now that we have gone over some of the larger tractors, we can get those out of the way. There a few types of small tractors; these are usually ones that people purchase for their personal usage. These are inexpensive, and if you own a relatively large lawn, personal garden, or even an orchard, this is the vehicle for your needs. The garden tractors, with horsepower from anywhere of 5 to even 20, are mostly used to tend to these locations that are accessible, and commercially owned. Most of these are even used for just cutting grass, and sold in the form of mowers.

These take away the burden of actually having to physically cut grass. They also provide a lot of ease for people that have to tend to large potions of grass. There are over 100 models for these types of tractors, and the price can from anywhere between $2000 to even $4000, depending on the brand, size, and quality.

There are also tractors that are known as utility tractors.

They provide the functionality of most of the larger tractors but at a lower scale. These can include functions of moving around debris, dirt, and wood, but like we mentioned, on a much lower scale. These are usually inexpensive and are built to last. Most smaller projects will hire some of these, and even construction sites might need ones. The smaller size means that these tractors can easily reach spots that larger tractors can’t. This means that work can be done efficiently, and without the need to bring out the big guns, or cause major wreckage. If you are someone that is interested in construction, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, or handle dangerous and large equipment, then this is something to look into.

Now, smaller tractors also include orchard tractors of smaller size. Like we mentioned earlier, these tractors are usually used for traversal, and thus, because of their size, can offer the user some added utility to an already difficult task. These are still tractors, despite the size, and can thus easily carry weight too.


There are plenty of different types of tractors, and the need and usage of each person will vary. A lot of the tractors that are used in construction are large, and there are tons of variety in them, based on the need of the construction site. These include bulldozers, excavators, etc. Apart from this, large scale tractors are used in the industry as well, and a lot of factories like to move around their stuff using these.

The agricultural utility of these vehicles is vital, and you will see all sorts of tractors on the field. Whether it is to carry the crops or allow farmers to traverse harsh terrain, a tractor is something that is very common, and downright essential for a farm to function properly, no matter how modern it is.

Lastly, there are small tractors that people use for their personal gardens and orchards as well.