Ferrari California Car

Feel Like a First-Class Driver Behind the Wheel of a Ferrari California

Convertible for several years held the position of the most versatile Ferrari car. California marked the return of Ferrari to turbo engines. The updated coupe-cabriolet outwardly differs from its predecessor in the form of an air intake, headlights and hood. Inside, another form of the steering wheel and a multimedia system with a 6.5-inch screen are installed.

Ferrari California is an exceptionally innovative car, the creation of which was inspired by one of the greatest Ferrari of the past, 250 California 1957. Designed for the race track, this magnificent, graceful open car personifies not only an excellent sporting character, exceptionalism but also mastery of performance and impeccable refinement.

What makes this car so desirable? Let’s try to figure it out.

The Ferrari California was launched as an Entry-Level Model in 2009

Whether it be a convertible with a fabric roof or a Targa with a removable metal roof, the entry-level open models equipped with the V8 engine have become an integral part of the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari since the Ferrari 308 appeared in the mid-1970s.

But the legendary sports car companies also have to adapt to market conditions and try to find a compromise between the established traditions, technical development, and innovations that customers want, with the practical advantages of the cars they produce in everyday driving.

For the company Ferrari, most of which since 1969 belongs to the concern Fiat, this meant not only the implementation of new ideas for the model of the second entry-level along with the Ferrari 458 Italia. It was a new model series, the premiere of which was in many ways, such as:

  • Body shape
  • Engine design
  • Name

In 2008, the production of the Ferrari California model began at the factory in Maranello, and in early 2009, the first Ferrari California went to customers.

The Evolution of the Ferrari California Line-up

The Ferrari California coupe-cabriolet, which was the beginning of the line, had a 2 + 2 landing formula (the rear seats are strictly “for children”) equipped with a two-section aluminum folding roof.

California had a classic layout: front-engine and rear-wheel drive. Under the hood was a naturally aspirated V8 4.3 gasoline engine with direct fuel injection, developing 460 h.p. The gearbox was carried back to the drive wheels. The car was offered with a six-speed manual or seven-speed robotic gearboxes, but the versions with manual one turned out to be really exotic – for all the time, according to various sources, just three or five copies of cars with such gearbox were released.

According to the characteristics specified in the passport, Ferrari California could accelerate to hundreds in 3.9 seconds. The maximum speed of a sports car was 310 km / h.

In 2012, the model was improved. The car lost 30 kg of its weight due to the use of more aluminum in the hull. It also became 30 “horses” more powerful.

In 2014, the Ferrari California T debuted. The model was thoroughly modernized compared to the version of the previous one. The main innovations of the 2014 model:

  • Retuned chassis
  • Redesigned exterior
  • New interior

Instead of the previous atmospheric, an eight-cylinder, twin-turbo engine was now installed on the car – this was the first turbocharged car of the brand since the time of the Ferrari F40 supercar. With a reduced engine displacement of up to 3.9 liters, it was able to develop 560 hp. This also reduced the acceleration time of the car to 100 km / h to 3.6 seconds. All Ferrari California models were equipped with seven-speed robotic gearboxes.

What Makes the First Maranello Convertible Coupe so Appealing

Without a doubt, Ferrari California is a sports coupe convertible premium. Its overall dimensions are: length 4570 mm, width 1910 mm, height 1322 mm, wheelbase 2670 mm, and the ground clearance is 109 millimeters. Such clearance is characteristic of cars designed for active driving. When driving such a car, you feel great on the road. It easily passes the coolest turns. Due to its low center of gravity, Ferrari California is less inclined to roll over.

The trunk of the Ferrari California has enough roomy volume for this car class. Despite the rigid folding roof, at the rear of the car remains 240 liters of free space. This volume is quite enough for the daily needs of a city dweller.

The economic conditions of the past few years have not prevented the resurgence of Ferrari California, which was introduced in Paris in 2008. The car received many positive reviews, including the praise of Michael Schumacher. The racer took part in the development of California.

The high-performance V8 Turbo engine, which is used in the elegant sports convertible Ferrari California T, won a record number of awards in the International Engine of the Year at the end of 2016. Representatives of a jury from thirty different countries recognized this power unit as the best. It also won “Best New Engine” and “The Best Engine with a volume of 3 to 4 liters”. In 2017, this engine was again recognized as the winner of the International Engine of the Year, and also became the best in two more categories: “Best Sports Engine” and “The Best Engine with a volume of 3 to 4 liters.”

As a Summary

Ferrari California keeps up to date. It has a stylish and dynamic design. Such a car will always be in the spotlight. The interior is made of high-quality finishing materials, fulfilling all the rules, allowing the car to achieve high ergonomics and comfort. Even a long trip will bring maximum pleasure without causing the slightest inconvenience.

Under the hood of the cabriolet, there is a technological power unit. This is the quintessence of innovative technologies and many years of experience in the field of engine building. Ferrari California can give a lot of unforgettable emotions and is one of the best sports cars of all time.