Holden VE SS Wagon

Holden VE SS Wagon

Holden VE Commodore was without doubt a successful model when it first saw the world in 2006. However, the Holden Commodore line did not have a station wagon for a long time.

Holden has always sought to create a completely new wagon, but Fishermans Bend designers did not support the idea of creating just another standard wagon.

Therefore, Holden wanted to improve the image of a modest and simple wagon. So Sportwagon has appeared.

Although the Holden VE SS Wagon looks like a station wagon, there is something new in this model that allows you to look at the station wagon differently.

About Holden Commodore VE Line-up

The large rear-wheel-drive car Holden Commodore VE was produced from 2006 to 2013 by the Australian manufacturer Holden and was the 1st iteration of the 4th generation of this model. The range included several options:

  • Holden Calais VE
  • Holden Berlina VE
  • Holden Ute VE

VE is the first Commodore developed exceptionally by Holden in Australia. Although its status as a completely new model, engines including a 3.6-liter V6 and a more powerful 6.0-liter V8 were mainly ported from the Holden Commodore VZ series.

Holden introduced the phased deployment of VE options, launching the sedan for the first time in July 2006. Before this, Holden announced that they would produce 2 independent from each other generations of Commodores until new wagon models were released. The Sportwagon was introduced in the summer of 2008. It got the standard Commodore wheelbase instead of the extended one, which previous Commodore station wagons have had.

Why Did The Wagon So Impressive?

The idea is very simple – take the Holden Commodore sedan and raise the boot to make it a station wagon. And it is the embodiment of this idea that makes this car so attractive. Instead of creating a soft, ultra-utilitarian, fleet-only car, Holden created one of the most beautiful cars this country has ever seen.

Like the sedan, the Holden VE SS Wagon is quite simple and convenient to drive, unlike most of the famous car models launched in Europe, it gives a real feeling of pleasure and excitement. It moves smoothly and not without the chic, and there is a somewhat contradictory sense of refinement in it.

Just turn on the motor and you will feel the incredible V8 pulsating, which gives the Wagon attractivity. While the engine is brash, the chassis is extremely graceful.

Features and Test Drive on the Example of Holden VE SS V

In general, this is a great option for driving from home to work, for example, and it is good for short trips. On the highway, it is much more effective than in traffic jams with constant stops and starts.

As we all would expect from a Sportwagon, there is plenty for front and rear legroom and headroom. The boot volume is 895 liters and only 26.8 cm is required to open it. This means that you can easily open the boot even if you are parked almost against the wall.

Under the hood of the Commodore SS V is a 6.0-liter V8 powertrain. By producing 270 kW and 530 Nm of torque in six-speed manual mode, power and torque are reduced to 260 kW and 517 Nm respectively, when a six-speed automatic transmission is used to adapt for Active Fuel Management (AFM).

Oddly enough, although the reduction in power, a six-speed automatic transmission still consumes more fuel with official combined fuel consumption of 12.4 l / 100 km, while a six-speed manual transmission reaches a level of 12.1 l / 100 km.

If a car with a powerful engine is not your thing, and fuel consumption is a big problem for you, there is an alternative – the 3.6-liter SV6 model, which is more efficient.

Of course, the Holden SS V is far from an ideal car for city driving, but he is an absolute champion on a highway and has nothing against a little bit of frivolity.

With a power of 271.5 kilowatts and a torque of 533.1 Newton meters, the Holden SS V Wagon has the ability to incredibly elegant speed up.

Besides, it is necessary to note that the car copes with bends and turns, and despite the fact that it rolls slightly when the suspension is loaded, at the moment of going through a corner, its wide 245mm tires hold the wagon firmly on the road.

With superb grip and a positive feel, the Holden SS V Wagon keeps its line pretty well in corners and predictably copes when you go through tight corners.

A big advantage of the new steering system is the automatic parking assistance system, which by default switches to parallel parking at the first press of a button next to the gear lever.

Holding the button a second time facilitated 90-degree reverse parking. Thus, this function aims to eliminate one of the often-mentioned reasons why people will not buy the Sportwagon SS V: its large size and the associated difficulties with parking the car.

The system works imperfectly, but if you can calculate yourself how much space the car needs to turn around, you can probably park the car without using a computer. The Sportwagon is actually a pretty simple car to park.

If you drive a large sedan but have always dreamed of more boot space, Holden VE SS Wagon should already be included in your wish list.

Although this car offers much more practicality and is more elegant on the outside than a sedan, the basics of the Commodore have been preserved. It is a great pleasure to drive it.

Holden has released one of the most beautiful cars ever made in Australia, and the fact that it is practical and drives well tells us about the high technical talents of its manufacturer.