how can I rent a car for someone else

How Can I Rent a Car For Someone Else?

Did you know that there is a way? Before I tell you the way, let me start by sounding a little bit contradictory. No, it’s not possible to rent a car for someone else… “…what? but you said…” I mean, it’s not possible to rent a car for someone else using your own credit card, using your own name is not possible to rent a car for someone else. But wait… Didn’t I say that there is a way to rent a car for someone else? So how can I rent a car for someone else? 

Maybe you want to gift a rental car to someone else. Or maybe is one of your employees that needs a car to work for you and you need to rent a car for that reason.

Or maybe this is just a question you have,  and you are just wondering if it’s possible. You don’t know when you will need to rent a car for someone else in the near future, right?

Whatever the reason, listed or not listed above, there is a way…

So how can you rent a car for someone else?

I will tell you all about it in a couple of minutes but first, let me tell you why you can’t rent a car in your name for someone else.

Renting a car for someone else with your credit card, not possible.

Now is the right time… your little child had become an adult. Now, he or she is a responsible young adult prepare to move forward in life. It’s time for a car! But your young adult son or daughter can’t afford a car… it’s too expensive. So what should you do to help?

Yes, rent a car! 

Now you know that it’s not possible to rent a car for someone else with your credit card. But why? 

First of all, in order for you to rent a car, you need to make a legal contract… a rental contract. And a rental contract is the same as a legal document. Basically, a rental car company, such as Enterprise rent-a-car or Alamo car rental, needs to have something to protect the company and the person that rents the car, that’s why your identification and signature need to be verified in order to solidify the legal document.

And in a legal document, you can only give your own credit card information. And, legally, you can’t rent a car using your credit card and make your adult son or daughter pick ut the car and go around the town with the car. 

So what do you need to do?

There are other ways around it! Stick with me…

Why not adding the other person as an additional driver?

This is not a complicated thing to do, actually, that’s very easy if you are related to the other person that ist’s going to drive the rental car.

You and the person that you want to add as an additional driver need to be present and both of you need to show your ID card information. Then, if the other person has the legal age to drive a car and, of course, a driver’s license, you can add that person to the contract.

But in this situation who is going to be the” primary driver”? You will be the “primary driver”, not the other person you want to add to the agreement. That person can drive the car but, legally, is not the ”primary driver”. That person is going to consider the additional driver.

Why is that an important note? Because you are legally responsible for the condition of the car, not the other person.

So with that in mind, you need to make sure you can trust that person if something bad happens.

Another thing to have in mind is that not all rental car companies allow you to add an additional driver. 

But the ones that allow you to have an additional driver will charge you additional fees. Additional driver, additional fees…that makes sense, right?

Not all companies have the same policies when it comes to adding an additional driver; it varies from company to company.

Call Enterprise rent-a-car or Alamo car rental and ask for alternatives

Why don’t you call different rental car companies and explain your specific situation? They can help you find another alternative for your situation. I can assure you you can find a lot in doing so. 

Just hear them out and make sure you understand all of their policies before you make some kind of choice and commitment.

Don’t forget that every company has its own policies. Some policies will vary from rental company to rental company.

Adding an additional driver with Alamo car rental will be different than adding an additional driver with hertz rental car, and adding an additional driver with hertz rental car will be different than adding an additional driver withEnterprise rent-a-car. 

Why is that? Because all have different policies and charge different fees to add an additional driver.

The best you can do is to call the company and then make the right choice for you.


So is it possible to rent a car for someone else? Yes, it is.

But not in your name. You can only use your credit card information if you want to rent a car for yourself. If you want to rent a car for someone else you can use other ways.

You can add an additional driver to your legal contract when you rent a car, but bear in mind that not all rental companies will allow you to do that.

And some will charge different fees just to add an additional driver. So do you still have the same question as to the beginning of this article? I hope not.

This was the reason I wrote this article to help you with that question; “can I rent a car for someone else?”

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