How long can a dealership hold your car for repair

How Long Can a Dealership Hold Your Car For Repair?

You need to repair your car right away, and you need to know how long it will take for your dealership to repair your car. How long can a dealership hold your car for repair?

Well, this is what we are going to cover in this article.

This is why you are here, right? You navigated through the internet and arrive here to get your questions answered about this topic, so I’m here… I will answer your questions.

First, you need to have in mind that it all depends on the reason why you have your vehicle there…why are they holding your vehicle for too long. There’s always a reason.

And like I said in this article I will share with you some good information.

Let’s get started with this?

How long can a dealership’s mechanic keep my car?

Like I said it all depends… Can you answer these questions?

How long is your car there? DO you know if is it there because they are still repairing your car? Did they inform you of the reasons why they are taking too long? Is it because they are waiting for some new pieces for your car’s repair? Or is it because you still didn’t pay? 

Communication is key, as they say…

So whatever the reasons you need to communicate first with your dealership to find out why they are taking too long to repair your car. Is it because of them, or is it because of you.? It’s on their part or on your part? The delay, I mean.

But let’s consider that the delay is on their part, that for some mysterious reason they are just taking too long because they are not working how they are supposed to work. In this case, I recommend that you speak with a team of lawyers. 

They know all the laws that protect you and will guide you in the process of getting what you want, and you will understand more clearly all of your legal rights.

Lemon law

Did you know that if your dealership holds your car for more than a month, you can qualify for a large financial agreement? 

Basically, if that happens you can qualify for the lemon law… I know it’s a strange name for the law but bear with me. This lemon law will help you a lot because if you use it you can be compensated with a buyback.

So the dealership has had my car for a month? Go speak with a law team and explain your situation, they will know how to help you.

I understand that these cases can be frustrating and cause a lot of problems for you and for your family. You need your car as soon as possible, right? One of the reasons could be that you don’t want to be late for your job and then lose your job because of it. You need your car,  but your car had been there for more than a month. That’s troublesome! And…” Yes, the dealership has had my car for a month, I need help!”. 

Now you know what you can do about it!

But what if you don’t go directly to your dealership?

What if you go to a regular mechanic instead?

How long can a mechanic keep my car?

If you know a good and honest mechanic, he will take as long as it takes to get the job done. Let’s say a few days or a few weeks?

But sometimes, even if it’s a small task, it can take more than just a few weeks, because the mechanic has to source the car parts from across the world, and in some cases that takes too long. It’s no fault of the mechanic because he wants to do his job to get paid as soon as possible, the parts suppliers need to deliver the car parts and in some cases, they take too long. It’s beyond your mechanic’s control..that’s a fact!

The delays can be many, to be honest… it all depends on the state of your car or if your car’s part suppliers deliver all the parts on time for your mechanic to work and get the job done, or even if you paid or didn’t pay.

Like I said it all depends on many factors, and in this situation, you don’t have a law like the lemon law to protect you if your mechanic keeps your car for too long. 


How long does a mechanic have to fix your car? Remember, the time he needs it to get the job done, and you need to be lucky because if he needs car parts from across the world you will wait a little longer.

So you have two options… go to your dealership and let their mechanic work on your car; in doing so you will be protected if they take too long to repair your car… or go to a regular mechanic shop and hope for the best…

Don’t think that you are too special, and your car will only take one or two days to get a repair. Your car may be there for more than seven days, or even more than a month and the lemon law is your helper when you most need it.

Go instead to your dealership, even if it’s a little bit more expensive, and if it takes more than a month for your dealership to repair your car, go talk to a team of attorneys and let them help you get the advantage of the lemon law. They will gladly review all your documents and facts and help you with this situation.

Isn’t the lemon law incredible? 

So you still have the question ”how long can a mechanic keep my car?”.

I hope not.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in your dealership or on a regular mechanic shop, it can take more than a week. How long does a mechanic have to fix your car? It will depend on many factors as you could read in this article.

Now you know how long can a dealership hold your car for repair, right?

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