How Long Does It Take To Buy A Car

How Long Does It Take To Buy A Car: All About Buying Cars!


Purchasing a vehicle is an advancement that is time consuming. Research involved in looking for the right vehicle generally consumes longer time than literally buying the vehicle. You require making a decision on the vehicle you want and contrast costs at sellers and varying dealerships. 

How long does it take to buy a car? In case you are sure the vehicle you like, you can purchase a vehicle in 24 hours in different cases. It can take a few days or even a few weeks relying on the analysis and buying process. Keep in mind that it is not a resolution you need to dash.

You should anticipate spending few days selecting the vehicle you would like to purchase and literally finalizing the sale by signing your own name. Continue reading and you will know how long purchasing a car takes.

Timeline of Purchasing a Car

How long does it take to buy a car? Let us have an analysis of the process and the time spent on each step.

Research day: 1 day -7 days

Researching in most cases consumes the longest time. You will be required to research choices for the model and the make of the vehicles you like to scrutinize, assess them and eventually select the finest one. Create a list of stuffs you require in a vehicle and the list of attributes you like but still you are go to go without. By doing this, you condense what model and make you are looking for. These are other factors toconsider:

  • Do you prefer a new vehicle or a used vehicle?
  • Will you purchase a car from a private or dealership?
  • What is your budget and what cars are in your budget.
  • Do you wish to finance, lease a car or pay for a car in full?

It is also essential to think about the insurance cost of the car. Some car models and makes are much expensive in insuring than others.

Buying Day: 1-3 days

In the course of buying process, you will need to pay a call on some dealerships to observe what is available on the lot and to contrast prices. Explore contrasting promotions and sales at unrelated dealerships.

In the opinion of bank rate, the perfect time to purchase a car are at the end of each year late, that is  from October to December, at the end of the month, that is from 26th to 28th day and at the beginning of the week, that is  from Monday to Wednesday. There are sales quotas at the dealerships. The time spent during the buying process relies on how large the dealership is, if you know what vehicle you want, how many choices of vehicles you have to select from, if you need to look into different dealerships and whether the vehicle you desire is obtainable.


The timeline of purchasing a car at this stage is 30 minutes to 1 hour. This stage can be stressful, also the fastest stage of purchasing a car process. In some instances at the dealership, you may meet with a finance representative to assess your condition. In case you are financing the car, a representative will assess the history of your credit and request a loan. Wait until you are approved and once you are accepted for a loan, the car dealership will summon you back to finalize the process by signing your name. You are required own an insurance cover, which include comprehensive and collision insurance for your new car in order to the lender.

Insurance Day: Half a hour – 1 hour

You are required to insure your car most of the time before you drive away from the lot, although the grace period of the insurance depends on your situation and state. It is essential to look for a reliable insurance firm to insure the new vehicle.

Stand by for your vehicle to up for it

The timeline of purchasing a car at this stage is 1 hour to 1 day. This is the final stage and you have to stand by for the dealership to make the vehicle ready. Maybe clean the vehicle before you are provided with the car keys. When your vehicle is set for collection, the salesperson will take you through technology and features of your new car to ensure you know how to make use all stuffs. This can consume 30 minutes and finally the vehicle is all yours.

The timeline is just an estimated period. How long does it take to buy a car? It depends. 

Reasons why purchasing a car take long time

The following are the reasons why purchasing a car take long time:

1. Dealers still tend to depend on a strategy of wearing car buyers down to get the price of the vehicle more in their favor. 

2. Many car buyers do not come into dealership ready for car buying process. They do not know their credit score or report, and they may lack the paperwork like evidence of auto insurance or the title for their trade-in. 

How long does it take to buy a car? When you get to the dealership ready, it will take the shortest time possible.


Buying a car requires you to be ready. Before anything, know the make and the model of the car you wish to buy. The question; how long does it take to buy a car is always a bother to a car buyer. Not many of us want to spend much time in the dealership than we have to. Nevertheless, the steps we explained would help us significantly cut down on our visit.

In order to do proper research and be a well-prepared car buyer, it will take some work in and of itself but, your objective should not be to attempt and get rid of majority of the time it takes to purchase a car. It should be to decrease the overall stress related with car purchasing by completing as much of the process before even visiting a car shop physically. Thank you for reading the articles, we hope you can now estimate how long it will take you to buy a car.