How Old Do you have to be to buy a Car

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy a Car?


Some kids nowadays are more than glad to drive Mom and Dad’s car whenever they want to go for shopping at the mall. Even so, other kids are on the edge of being an adult either by circumstances or by choice and who want and are able to purchase their own car.

So, how old do you have to be to buy a car? A minor can purchase a car from a dealer. Even so, minors cannot be held to their contractual responsibilities under the law as they are under 18 years old. The laws vary between each state as to the least age that a person is allowed to own a vehicle. In the United States, a person can lawfully own property at any age. However, a dealer will not get into negotiation with an underage. Let us learn more. 

The Right Age to Own a Vehicle in Your Name

Referring to the question, what is the right age to own a vehicle in your name? The answer will differ with how old do you have to be to buy a car. The answer differs with the state that you live in. frequently, you have to be 18 years old to lawfully drive a vehicle in your name.

In some states, it is practicable to title a vehicle in a minor’s name. To lawfully drive the car on public road, it should be registered and insured.

Most states, though, call for an individual to be 18 years old to lawfully get into an agreement like an insurance policy.

A car title is a lawful form that set up the lawful possessor of a car. Primarily, a title clearly shows who lawfully possesses the car. Many states permit minors and to some extent infants to possess the car by technically having the title bearing their name.

Registration, which is a requirement by a state, is different. Registering your car shows that all taxes has been paid and gone passed any inspection needed by the state and the vehicle has the required insurance cover. This is where registering a car in a minor’s name becomes an issue.

For you to lawful enter into an insurance policy or any other contract; the person involved should be 18 years of age that is an adult. The moment a teen is at least 18 years of age, they can approve to enter into a contract.

Adult age differs with state but in almost all states, the age is from 18 or higher in some states. Nebraska and Alabama place their age of becoming an adult at 19 years hence car buyers in those states must be 19 to lawfully sign any contract.

Therefore, answer to the question; how old do you have to be to buy a car” is normally at any age in some states, when it is time to insure and register the car, the presence of  a parent or guardian is needed.

Three States and Their Policy on Car Title in Your Name


In line with Department of Transportation in Texas, the state have no age limitation for people wanting to be noted on the title and registration as the legal possessor of a car so in case you desire to title your vehicle in your 2-years old name you can do it.

Nevertheless, the Department also asserts that insurance companies may thrust age limitations on teens in that they cannot buy a policy except with a guardian as a co-signer.

Evidence of financial liability is needed to register a car in Texas, so for most experimental reasons, a buyer must be 18 years old to possess a vehicle of their own.

North Carolina

This state is alike to Texas the same way that North Carolina does not put the least age restriction when it comes to possession of a car. A vehicle is titled in a teen’s names in as much as the possessor can write their name on the title application.

Nevertheless, a license plate provision is not possible without evidence of the possessor having responsibility insurance on the car. Insurance companies hardly sign policies for teens. This means your parent will be your co-signer in case you are below 18 years of age.


The bureau responsible for vehicles, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles permits minors to have their name on the title of their vehicle; but, your guardians must be there to underwrite a form before everything happens. The parents must fill in a teen consent form; then, they need to go to the clerk of courts title office to have their teen’s name on the car title.

In the time each state and their policy on car title in your name is contrasting, generally a teen cannot get into a contract, so it hard to be the only possessor of a car.

So, how old do you have to be to buy a car? Almost all dealership choose not to sell a vehicle to a teen; this is because of the lawful consequences involved in letting a minor enter into a contract. The same case goes for insurance policies.


So after all, how old do you have to be to buy a car? My answer is at any age minors and even infants can buy a car but the issue comes during the purchasing of an insurance policy and even titling the car in the name of a minor.

States have different policies on car title; although in some cases the policies are the same. This is especially seen in cases when the minor is purchasing the insurance policy for the car. They have to be accompanied by their parent or a guardian so that they can co-sign on their minor’s name. Therefore, if you are a minor and you want to buy a car, the truth is there is no age limitation for you to buy one. Make sure you have understood the buying process and its requirements. We wish you a success when you decide to buy your car.