how to get road paint off car

How To Get Road Paint Off Your Car? 9 Steps to Follow

Travelling from a state to another takes a lot of considerations and one of this is on the issue of road paint getting on your car. This happens sometimes and is unavoidable because the paint on the road (line markings) may still be fresh and unfortunately, there are no signs for you to know. This is not good but you will never know unless you pulled-over or you’ve already reached your destination.

So with this problem, how are you able to get road paint off your car? This is an added task for you to do and might disturb you because the road paint is sticking on your car paint. Don’t fret! Help is on the way. Here are the easy steps to get road paint off your car.

Looking at your car, it does bothers you, and getting road paint off it is a tedious thing to do but you are left with no choice. Much more if your car is brand new, that’s heartbreaking (at a maximum). This is inevitable so just learn this easy steps with explanations on how to get road paint off your car.

Steps on how to get road paint off your car:

Step 1:

Do not leave it on for how many days. Upon seeing it, remove dried paint from car immediately consider removing it. If left on for how many days, it may be hard to remove already. Acting on it as soon as possible lessens the likelihood of encountering issues in the later part.

Step 2:

Inspect/check all the areas of your car that you think road paint might be present. Usually it’s on the fender, driver door, near the left front and rear wheels, on the left side step and also on the tires. Thinking on how to get road paint off car tires is also a tedious work the same with the ones on the surface. If you think of it, most probably it will be on the driver side because of the location of the road line markings. The color is likely yellow, but there are times it’s white. Make sure to leave no area unchecked in order for you not to redo the entire process again just because you missed out on something. This will save you more time in removing the road paint.

Step 3:

After checking all the probable areas, get a WD-40 spray. WD-40 spray is a common spray used in cars which helps a lot in cleaning. Some of its common uses include cleaning your wheels and tires, spark plugs, removing greasy dirt and grime, polishing faux surfaces, removing dust, etc. In this case, yes, WD-40 can also help in removing the road paint off your car. What you will do is you need to spray the WD-40 on all surfaces with road paint. Make sure all areas are sprayed well and do not put it at a minimum. It’s better to apply it thoroughly to make sure it’ll be removed. There are lots of road paint remover for cars, but this one is recommended and is already commonly used.

Step 4:

By the time you are done applying the WD-40 to all the affected surfaces, leave it on for at least 1 day. It’s okay to just leave it on for hours but it’s better to leave it longer in order for it to penetrate. Leaving it on for just an hour or a few hours may give you a hard time scraping it afterwards.

Step 5:

1 day has passed, so it’s time for you to go to a self-service car wash shop. Normally they do have pressure washers which you can use on your own. You don’t have to worry anyway because there are instructions when using the washer. Just to highlight, you need to use a pressure washer for this. A low pressure/normal washer cannot remove the road paint. Start with pre-soak washer. Wash the affected areas and never miss a mark. After using the pre-soak washer, switch to the high pressure soap washer. This is the real game and make sure to wash the affected areas in the car back and forth. By repeatedly doing that, you may now see an improvement in removing the road paint because the WD-40 left on for at least 1 day made that possible.

Step 6:

Using any card whether it’s a credit, debit or membership card that you will not use anymore, scrape off the road paint as seen in the affected areas. Just slowly scrape it and by then you’ll see it’s removed thoroughly without damaging the car paint.

Step 7:

If for some cases, road paint hasn’t been removed in other affected areas, try using turtle wax. Spray it on all affected areas and leave it on for at least 1 hour and scrape it slowly. This should remove some thick areas already.

Step 8:

There may be times that WD-40 and turtle wax cannot remove road paint in some affected areas especially the thick ones, and so for this time, go to a car wash shop. The machines will do the car wash for you, and there are times people are on it too.

Step 9:

After having the car wash, check out the results. Thoroughly inspect the affected areas before; if for instance, road paint is still evident in some areas, then you need to redo the entire process. It’s a whole lot of work to do, but then again, no choice is left. There are also cases wherein road paint is on your hood, windshield and front bumper as worse case. This may also add up to the work that you need to do.


It takes a lot of patience to deal with this kind of issue on how to get road paint off a car. However, there are already readily available DIY steps on how to remove it. Explained above are just a few of the different methods that you can consider when faced with this kind of situation. To ensure that all affected areas are taken care of, just follow the easy steps religiously. Also, there may be times that all the road paint are not totally removed at first try; in that case you can just repeat the entire process. Remember, never skip one to avoid headaches in the later part and also to save time. 

Just a random idea to avoid road paint – literally avoid it on the road. This may unlikely to be happening but we’ll never know the outcome. After arriving in your destination after a long drive, immediately check for signs of road paint on your car.