How To Reset ABS Light On Dodge Grand Caravan

How To Reset ABS Light On Dodge Grand Caravan

Did the ABS light come on your Dodge Grand Caravan and stay there? Many reasons can lead to this situation. One common reason is when your car’s wheel speed sensor does not function properly. When this happens, the ABS light activates and stays on the dashboard. Here’s how to reset ABS light on Dodge Grand Caravan.

At first, you may skip it or just convince yourself everything is all right by checking the brake. But as time goes, it becomes unbearable and annoying to the extent that you would want to deactivate it at any cost.

Before resetting the ABS light, it is good to refer to a mechanic first. But if you are sure that there is no problem or just recently had your car checked by a mechanic, then you can reset it yourself.

That is where we can help. We created this guide to help you learn how to reset the ABS light on your Dodge Grand Caravan.

But first, let’s take a look into ABS light itself, and see why it turns on in the first place.

What is ABS light?

ABS is the contracted form of “Anti-lock Brake Skid” and is a safety control system. People also refer to ABS as “Anti-lock Braking System”, which is a system that utilizes a group of sensors to determine wheel speed while braking.

In simple terms, ABS light activates when there is a problem with the system and indicates that the system has been disabled. Think of it as a warning. 

How does ABS work?

What ABS does is prevent the wheels from completely locking up. The ABS system includes speed sensors attached to all of the wheels. 

When the sensors detect that a wheel is about to lock up, a modulator unit partly releases the brake pad on that wheel. This way, the wheels will be allowed to spin intermittently during braking. 

A car supplied with ABS will have an 18 percent less chance of an accident in a case of extreme braking. That is why it is highly recommended to refer to a mechanic when the ABS light activates.

How to reset ABS light Dodge Grand Caravan?

You can reset an ABS light without a scan tool using one of these two methods. Keep in mind, though these methods may seem a little weird, they have worked for thousands and may work for you too.

Method #1

This method is very easy and slightly modern. First, drive your car at a slow speed, around 10 to 20 miles per hour. Next, quickly shut your car off, put it in neutral, and then turn it on again. 

That’s it. When you turn the car back on, you will see the ABS light deactivate after a couple of seconds.

Of course, you should be very careful with this method because when you shut your car off you lose brakes and power steering. So, if you are not an experienced driver and cannot react fast, ask someone more professional or try the second method.

Method #2

You can use this method too if you want to reset the ABS light without a scan tool. Your parking area would be a nice place to apply these steps.

First, start your car and put your foot on the brake. Second, turn the steering wheel entirely to the right. Then, put your car in drive and slowly ease the brake while straightening the wheel. Once the car is completely straight, take your foot off the brake. Then, turn and brake again. 

By doing these completely random-looking tasks, there is a great chance that the ABS light would deactivate. 

How to turn off the ABS light?

In general, the best solution is to take your car to a mechanic. After all, ABS light is a warning that something in the system does not work.

A mechanic will check your car and do the required repairs. This way, the ABS light would turn off, and you would be safer.

How to fix ABS light?

You can fix the ABS light by applying one of the two mentioned methods. However, if none of the methods work for you, you have no other way than to take some help from a mechanic.

Is it safe to drive with the ABS light on?

No, it is not. ABS is a warning sign, and if you drive while it is on, you are practically ignoring it.

When ABS light activates, it means your ABS system is not working. This increases the probability of accidents in extreme brake cases by 18%.

So, it is not a good idea to ignore ABS light and risk an 18% more chance of an accident. 

Common reasons for ABS light to turn on

Among some others, these three are the most common reasons:

  1. When the wheel speed sensor does not send signals to ABS or does not work properly.
  2. If the ABS modules get destroyed and can’t handle all the four brakes. Generally, corrosion causes the ABS module to fail.
  3. Too low fluid level. A low fluid level can’t keep the pressure in the ABS lines; thus, the ABS light turns on.

Wrap Up

In short, ABS is a safety control system that works to reduce the probability of accidents, and help cars have a better brake stop. 

ABS light, on the other hand, let’s you know how properly the ABS system works. That is why you can’t ignore it. 

If the ABS light on your car activates, then there is a problem with your car ABS system and it is disabled. When ABS is disabled, you will have an 18% more chance of accidents than when it is enabled.

ABS light is basically a warning. So, when it activates on your car, the best thing to do is to refer to a mechanic. 

However, if you are sure that there is nothing wrong with your car, then you can reset the ABS light yourself to turn it off.

In this article, we mentioned two methods that can reset the ABS light on Dodge Grand Caravan. Both of these methods have worked for many; though, if they didn’t work for you, your only option is a mechanic.

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