Is It Safe To Buy A Car On eBay

Is It Safe To Buy A Car On eBay? 5 Solid Tips To Help You Decide

Today, in just one click, you can buy appliances, clothes, gadgets, groceries, and pretty much everything you need from the comfort of your own home. But purchasing a car is something most people do in person. The thought of having to buy an enormous item online like a car might scare off some people. After all, you might want to see for yourself if it looks exactly like how it is in advertisements. But in these fast changing times, we cannot deny that the car purchasing process has come a long way already ever since the internet offered more avenues for vehicle buyers. Today, eBay Motors is a popular platform where you can purchase vehicles. With well over 5 million cars sold on the site up to date, you can buy cars ranging from everyday commuter cars to luxury cars. But is it safe to buy a car on eBay?

eBay Motors

eBay Motors is a part of eBay committed to buyers and sellers of different kinds of vehicles. These include cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs, along with their parts and accessories. This part of eBay adheres to different rules as compared to the rest of the site; it observes different fees as well. Just like with anything in life, before you deep dive into anything, it is important to look at it as homework and do your research first. Knowing what the site offers and what you can expect from its sellers as well as the terms and conditions are all essential parts of the whole process.

Is Buying A Car On eBay A Good Idea?

Whether dealers are private sellers or professionals, you should always do your homework first. Understand that any kind of transaction online comes with a bit of a risk. It’s like seeing an advertisement of a food and upon finally ordering it, you are faced with an expectation vs. reality realization. A car might be advertised online as flawless; but remember, some components are meant to deteriorate over time.

Luckily for you, eBay has plenty of features that makes it safe for buyers. Some of its most important attributes are the user feedback, safe payment methods, and Vehicle Purchase Protection. 

Take this as an inspiration: in 2018, a 2017 model of Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce 4 was sold on the platform for $499,900. It was a successful transaction. If you still ask yourself, “Is buying a car on eBay a good idea?” Then think of this: If amounts that big can be paid and handled safely through eBay motors, then what else could go wrong with your transaction?

Paying for a Car on eBay

To finalize the answer to your question, “Is it safe to buy a car on eBay?” Our final advice is to make sure that you are protected throughout the payment process by paying only through eBay. Even if you just live nearby the seller, you must still make the payment on the platform to be covered by Vehicle Purchase Protection.

Paying for a car on eBay comes with no hassle. You will have to use PayPal along with eBay’s financing center. Most sellers require for the buyer to pay a deposit upon winning the auction; then, the remaining balance would be paid after a certain amount of time. This gives you, the buyer, more time to inspect the car in person before you finalize the transaction. If the seller agrees on financing, eBay can assist you with getting a loan.

Finding the Perfect Car on eBay

Before you buy, here are some top tips to keep you on the good end of the transaction:

  • Consider the Price – When purchasing a car, it’s important to compare it with what other people are paying. Carefully check if it is at a reasonable price. Remember, however, that mileage can also affect a car’s price.
  • Look at Reviews about the Seller – See what other buyers and sellers are saying about the seller. If it is the seller’s first transaction, you can check their legitimacy by talking to them over the phone or email. 
  • Check the Title – Ask for the title of the car. The person indicated on it is the one who legally owns the vehicle. If they can’t provide you with a title, consider it a red flag already. If the name on the title does not match with the seller’s name, ask about the reason why; sometimes the car might have come from a relative who was not able to transfer the title to the seller just yet.
  • Have the Vehicle Inspected – Check if the car has been inspected beforehand by the dealership; check for its VIN as well.
  • Bid and Ride – When bidding on a car, check for its total price. You still have to pay for the taxes, delivery or pickup, or any paperwork fees. This might add hundreds of thousands to your purchase. If you made the sale, get in touch with the seller to sign the title and register the vehicle in your state. Now, you can enjoy driving your new car!


Getting familiar with all these tips will have you armed with the preparedness you need in buying your car online. Take all these into consideration and buying a car or any vehicle on the platform will save you a lot of money in avoiding extra costs for repairs. Buying a car online leaves you with a wide array of choices and helps you choose the specific car that suits your needs. But as with any industry, online car shopping can also come with questionable deals or shady sellers, but by keeping the above tips with you, rest assured that you will be able to avoid the majority of the risks that come with it. If you know someone who still wonders, “Is it safe to buy a car on eBay?”Help them by sharing what you have grasped from this article. Or better yet, give them a link to this!