Most Expensive Car Parts

Most Expensive Car Parts

We all dread the moment when our car needs a fix or a component/part replacement. It does not matter what is your car brand or model, it will unfortunately still be very expensive.

Unless otherwise your car or the part you are fixing or replacing is under warranty, you are compelled to spend a lot of money to maintain your car. However, a few cars maintenance may be more expensive than others may. This depends on its material and so on.

It helps to realize what you would approximately might pay when you come across issues with your car components.

In this article, we discuss the most expensive car parts, the most expensive car part repairs and finally the most expensive car brands.

Most Expensive Car Parts

First things first, the ECU (Engine Control Unit), this is the computer of the car. A car can have more than one ECU each responsible for a different task. It collects the sensory information and sends the necessary commands to actuators and such. If it goes faulty or damaged, it might cost from $500 – $1800.

Moreover, turbochargers can be quite costly as well. These are found in many types of cars, trucks and SUVs. Their main purpose is to deliver high torque to the engine. If it needs replacement, it will cost you around $700 – $3200.

Also, the car battery, it is the heart of the car. Without it the car will not start. Replacing your car’s battery will cost you from around $1000 – $3500. Anyway, whether it needs it damaged or not, your battery’s efficiency will normally become lower with time. Therefore, it is always about time that you need to replace your car’s battery.

Next, air bags as well. These are very important and should be replaced immediately following an accident. Your safety always comes first. Replacing your air bags might cost your from $1500 to $2500

Most Expensive Car Brands

Most of the expensive car brands are British-made. We will list the ten most expensive carmakers starting with the most expensive first.

So, first and most expensive is the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, these are British-made. It does not offer sport cars but offers luxury and SUVs cars. Then comes the Lamborghini, which is Italian-made. When it first started, it was manufacturing tractors. Now it manufactures richness SUVs and sports cars.

Next in line, the Ferrari, Italian-made too. Ferrari’s sports cars are so exquisite and luxurious! After that, the Bugatti, French-made. If you want to show-off your car in your city, get a Bugatti.

Then comes Bentley and Aston Martin, respectively. Both of them are British made. Bentley makes a broad range of SUVs and Sedans. Their engine is quiet amazing. Aston Martin makes an impeccable combo of fast and elegant cars.

After that, the Maserati, made in Italy. It focuses on race and sports cars. Next, Lotus Cars, British made. It has the same focus as that of Maserati.

What is next? German-made cars! The list cannot end without mentioning a German brand. Mercedes Benz and Porschecome in line after the Maserati, respectively. Both of them offer a wide range of cars, especially sports ones.

Expensive Car Repairs Cost

In this section, we will discuss prices in ascending order. Starting with the most pricey one first and then ending with the least expensive one, well hopefully.

To begin with, the engine. Especially the engine’s cylinder, this is the worst that can ever happen to your car. This is often because your car mechanic will be forced to uninstall the engine out of your car to be able to replace the damaged cylinders. This will be around $1000 to $ 9000 depending on the amount of damage and replacement you need and your car model and version, of course.

Then comes the car battery. If your car runs on hybrid battery, I am sorry to say it is the most expensive than cars that run on non-hybrid batteries. Replacing your battery whether something is up with it or it is less efficient will cost you more than $5500.

Next, your transmission system. This is quite essential, too. With damaged transmission, the wheels of the car will not be able to be controlled. Replacing the transmission system will need from $3500 – $4500. The quicker you are to repair them, the less money you will spend on them. So be alert!

Ah! Airbags. They are very important. We cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to replace your air bags following a car accident. These are surprisingly quite costly. Replacing those ranges from $2000 to $4000.

After that, the suspension system. This may not be so essential to be immediately replaced, but hey, this is what makes your ride smooth and comfortable. Replacing one suspension system is not quite pricey if it is to replace the whole system. Replacing the whole suspension system will cost you between $2000 and $3500.

So what is next? The head gasket and catalytic converter. Replacing either will cost you from $1000 to $2000.

Next in the list comes the catalytic converterbrake line, and air conditioner compressor. These will cost you around $1500, $1000 and $500 respectively. The catalytic converter is needed to protect our environment because it is responsible for the conversion of toxic exhausts to less harmful ones. Then, the brake line is also indispensable; you cannot start your car knowing you will have troubles stopping. Finally the AC unit, this is up to you whether you want to stay cool in hot summer or not, but it is relatively cheap as compared to others to fix and replace.


Now you know about the most expensive car parts, the most expensive car part repairs and the most expensive car brands.

Unfortunately, the initial price of buying a car is also very pricey. As we have seen in this article, replacing car parts will cost too much as well. However, we cannot deny the necessity of having to have a car especially if you have to go to work where transportation is hard and thus longer commute time.

It is always good to go for optimal solutions, if you really need a car, then you need not go for the most expensive car brandsthat will eventually lead you to pay lots and lots of money to purchase the most expensive car parts. You can always run to many other average car manufacturers. That said and all, we hope you enjoyed reading this. Later!