What car does Bernie Sanders drive

What Car Does Bernie Sanders Drive? The Choices Will Surprise You

Bernie Sanders, a US Senator from Vermont between 2007 and present, campaigned against Joe Biden and Donald Trump for the most recent 2020 Presidential Election and other candidates in 2016. Though conceding and endorsing Joe Biden by early April 2020, Sanders still had a following that would rival any candidate, giving them a run for their money. 

Packed with multiple advocacies and progressive policies, he is a champion for social and economic equalities. One of which was his fight for reforms in both the public and private sectors regarding the shift of policies that affect climate change. He is also gunning for an ambitious Green New Deal; a deal that allows the creation of jobs that can address issues on climate change. Even in his day to day life, Sanders demonstrates his strong belief that small changes on our daily commute; like his choice of fuel efficient cars, being a testament to that. 

Let’s check what car does Bernie Sanders drive when his campaign has run and even beyond that. 

Bernie Sanders’ Lincoln Town Car SUV

During his 2016 campaign, Bernie Sanders’ Lincoln Town Car SUV showed up in many events. The car he chose was a no-brainer. He has been a known ally towards reform for climate change, making this one of his most eco-friendly and fuel efficient cars; aside from driving electric and hybrid ones. Saving the environment, after all, is a choice you need to choose. 

For interests in fuel economy, this car has been through numerous modifications since its first release back in 1980. The first of which was reducing the eight of the Panther chassis by 1400 lb. It then got an upgrade for its engine by utilizing a 130 hp 4.9 Liter V8; though a 140 hp 351 CID V8 was also available. Another significant change was the need for the car to be aerodynamic by design, thus reducing wind noise and drag. This was also Lincoln’s answer to the ever-rising fuel prices back in the days. 

Looks like even before, no matter what car does Bernie Sanders drive, it just had to help curb the carbon emissions that could end up ruining the Earth for good. Such a good man. 

Bernie Sanders’ Chevy Aveo

Bernie Sanders’ 20202 Presidential Campaign is still all about accountability and equality. The environment, for him, has suffered enough. He believes that we should take a step back and examine how we’re treating it. Sacrifices for the good of the Earth doesn’t have to be grand or drastic. Even the smallest of ways can have the biggest impact. Which is why during his campaign, you could ask what car does Bernie Sanders drive? The answer, the 2011 Chevy Aveo. Red, to be exact. 

Bernie Sanders’ Chevy Aveo, second generation, was released to the market after its debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Shows. The car comes with either a 1.8-liter engine capable of running with 135 hp (101 kW) with a 125 lb per ft torque; or a 1.4 liter one able to produce 138 hp (103 kW) with 148 lb per ft torque. 

The beauty of this comes in its ecological outputs. Unlike most cars that deliver a powerful punch to the atmosphere, this car only emits 95g/km of CO2 because of its diesel engine’s eco spec availability. This comes with a fuel-saving stop-start system; it also has low rolling resistance tires that help it claim an economy figure of 78.4 mpg.

This is a great move for him considering what car does Bernie Sanders drive is also a reflection of his campaign of mitigating the effects of fossil fuel usage on the environment. 

Bernie Sanders’ Subaru Forester

Another car is Bernie Sanders’ Subaru Forester which made an appearance during the Super Tuesday electoral polls. Though somehow it doesn’t reflect his stance on his support for the UAW, this car is still a very Vermont choice; and, a win for the environment, too! And it may not be the car Bernie Sanders drives every day but it is still part of his garage. 

Initially released back in 1997, this compact crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV) was manufactured by Subaru (Japan) and has been continuously improved and upgraded even until now. It’s currently on its fifth-generation model (2019 to present) of which was released at the New York International Auto Show on March 28, 2018. It had 5 available trims to choose from: the Forester, Forester Premium, Forester Sport, Forester Limited, and Forester Touring. Though differing in those levels of standard features, all 2019 models had the standard 8.7 inches (22 cm) ground clearance. 

All fifth-generation Subaru Foresters also have one of the three versions of the manufacturer’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) System. For the base, it has the Variable Torque Distribution (VTD) that utilizes electronically controlled clutches to control torque split. For the Premium, an enhanced X-mode, a Single-Mode System, that is used to optimize engine output and transmission ratio as well as helps with the control of the Vehicle Dynamics Control (VCD) and incorporates Hill Descent Control (HDC). For the Sport, Limited, and Touring, a further enhanced dual function X-mode system adds user-engaged and specific settings for Deep Snow/Mud and Snow/Dirt modes. 

Conclusion: What Car Does Bernie Drive?

From a Lincoln to a Chevy to a Subaru, Bernie’s choice will always be geared towards helping the environment in any way he can. From his political standpoints to his policies, he will always put accountability for our actions and equality towards all. You don’t have to be a genius to understand where he is coming from. You will understand that he believes that the Earth is one of the best things our future generations could inherit. 

The way he talks about his advocacies is just mesmerizing to watch. So, it’s no wonder that he has such a huge following. Even though he had not won the 2020 Presidential Elections, we’re sure that he’ll still be out there, fighting the good fight for his people. And no matter where he goes or what he does, Bernie Sanders is a champion for the environment. Just look at what car does Bernie Sanders drive and you’ll see what we’re talking about.