What Car Does Walter White Drive

What Car Does Walter White Drive in Breaking Bad? – A Look Back

Shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this neo-Western American crime drama depicts the story of Walter White (the main protagonist of the series, played by Bryan Cranston) turning to the life of crime after hearing about his diagnosis of lung cancer (stage three). He was already dispirited and underpaid as a high school chemistry teacher who later became a producer and distributor of crystallized methamphetamine after teaming up with Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul). He did all this to try and resolve his family’s financial dilemmas prior to his imminent demise while avoiding getting caught on top of everything as well as maneuvering around the deadly criminal underworld. 

But aside from the drama and the hide and seek between the characters and the authorities, one of the most iconic pieces of the series is what car does Walter White drive in it. After all, it was a representation of Walter white himself and more. 

The 2004 Pontiac Aztek and Why It’s Iconic

When wondering about what car does Walter White drive in the show the last thing you would think about is a 2004 Pontiac Aztek. It may not be the prettiest car out there but there’s a charm to it once you understand how it perfectly fits the character of Walter White. And it totally makes sense.

It magnified the persona of Cranston’s character – beat up, unspirited, a lame ‘baby boomer’ whose pathetic side was much evident in the pilot episode. Who wouldn’t? Life as you know it was slowly being taken away from and your options are so tight you have to grasp them with your two hands. It basically stood as the flagbearer of any failed dream. In the pilot episode, the scene where Walter was driving to school with his son, Walter Jr. was a bit funny and sad at the same time as the Aztek already lost one of its original wheels. 

It also had its fair share of mishaps along with the series.

Among the notable ones where those times the windshield broke; the first was when the debris of the Albuquerque plane crash rained fire on their residence. Walt’s character would have just brushed off the loss but was made to do so when an officer apprehended him along the freeway. Imagine driving a car with a cracked piece of glass on it. 

After all those misfortune events happening to him and the car, he then decided to sell it off for a very pricey $50, prior to his 51st birthday; even though the mechanic who fixed it prior said it still had miles to go before it would give up on its own. This was the last scene for this iconic car. But Walter knew change was coming to him as he started his life of crime. This old car was the depiction of him being a loser in some; settling for losing millions on his stake for the company he helped build, Gray Matter, where he left prior to its awesome success.

But as we say, no matter what car does Walter White drive, change was coming and it came hard. 

What Car does Walter White Drive in Season 5?

After Walter sells off his Pontiac, what car does Walter White drive in Season 5 that his new life as a drug kingpin has begun? 

The arrival of Walter White’s Chrysler ushered in the turning point in his life and rids himself of the nice guy act, ditching his old life. The 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT-8, shiny and pitch black, was the culmination of Walter; or as he is known now as Heisenberg, on his dream of becoming one of the cool kids in school; looking bad-ass alongside other people who seem to have their lives together in some sense. Quite a bad boy, really. 

About what car does Walter White drive in the 5th season, it debuted on episode 4 of season 5, dubbed as “Fifty-one”; it can be first seen when Walter drives into his home with the brand new Chrysler 300. This was now his go-to vehicle while he goes about his day as a newfound drug lord. Its last appearance was in episode 14 of the same season. In “Ozymandias”, as the episode was dubbed, it bid us farewell; full of bullet holes after a raging shootout happened between the authorities. 

Walter White’s Chrysler

Not only was it an awesome choice for Walter’s character; it also had some great specs to add. It was the perfect pair to Walter’s new persona as the hat-wearing, drug-wholesaling, drug kingpin vibe. 

The car boasted a 6.4-liter HEMI 293V8 engine and had a 5-speed automatic transmission system. It also has 470 horsepower under it; allowing the car to go 180mph (290kmh) at top speed. The car was first released to the market during the 2011 New York International Auto Show. It can go from zero to 60 mph in 4 seconds. Physically, it got improvements on its exterior by lowering the front fascia. It also got large exhaust tips as well as large 20-inch aluminum wheels and body-color instead of the usual chrome trim. The car was also lowered and had a large Brembo brake package. It was given a sportier suspension setup as well. 


No matter what happened within the series or what car does Walter White drive in it, you can’t help but look at the details and take it all in slowly. Walter White may have been a beat-up person who lost his spirit after hearing such bad news; that doesn’t mean you get to stop living and try to salvage the situation the best you can. 

Yes, Walter White’s decision to turn to the life of crime is not something us regular folks should ever consider. But what can we take from his character was the resiliency and perseverance it took to get out of a bad situation; to basically make lemonade out of lemons. And he’s doing all that despite his imminent death if he succumbs to lung cancer. Breaking Bad is a story about a man still fighting for his life and the financial security of his family. And that should be it. 

Now, who wants to rewatch the series? Binge-watch, anyone?