What car has the most hp

What Car Has The Most Hp? Take A Guess Of The Top 5 Lineup!

Cars that go zoom in the blink of an eye are always a sight to behold. Most megacities, like London, Dubai, New York, have become homes of these wild beasts, making the earth shiver with every rev the driver makes. And beneath that purr, they make lies so much power that could rival stampedes. These beasts have enough horsepower to lift a ton of weight if desired. 

Based on the British Imperial System, one horsepower or ‘hp’ is the common unit of power, mostly directed towards an engine or a motor’s ability to move 33,000 pounds one foot in a minute or 550 pounds one foot in a second. This means that the higher the hp, the higher its ability to move more weight. 

Car enthusiasts revel not only in the aesthetics of the car itself but also in the power that comes with it. So, what car has the most hp? The results may surprise you!

What car has the most horsepower in the world?

Nothing beats a car that has both grace and power rolled into one awesome package, literally. And the year 2020 has a lot of notable high horsepower cars released in the market. Just check out our countdown to what car has the most hp!

5 – Nio EP9 – Cheapest 1,000 hp Car

Launch back in April, this electric-powered powerhouse banks in on the rankings with a huge 1,341 hp and can go from zero to 100 km/h in just under 2.7 seconds, zero to 200 k/h in 7.1 seconds and it only takes 15.9 seconds for it to go from zero to 300 km/h. Talk about massive. So if you want to help save the environment by investing in an electric car but still want to go fast, this car is perfect for you as it gives you 427 km before needing a 45-minute recharge. Though the battery still needs to be removed while recharging, placing it back only takes an easy 8 minutes. This car will cost you $1.2 million, post-production, making it the Cheapest 1,000 hp car in the market. 

4 – Rimac Concept_S

Succeeding the Rimac Concept_1, this massive beast is the racier brother of the family. Boasting its all-electric drive, it can run from 0 to 62 mph in only 2 and half seconds and 0 to 124 mph in just under 5.6 seconds. Wanna speed up to 186 mph? It can do just in 13.1 seconds using its 1,384 hp engine. And if you want to top speed, it can throttle you to a massive 227mph. Talk about riding fast and furiously. It can rival this countdown of what car has the most hp and it will cost you $1.5 million to own one. 

3 – Bugatti Chiron 

Carrying a 7,993 cc (8-Liter) quad-turbocharged W16 engine means this beast can go from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds, giving way to a powerful 1,479 hp. The special thing about this car is its engine, of course. The Veyron Super Sport, being the most powerful variant from its predecessor, can generate 221 kW. This car utilizes a carbon fiber body structure, a Haldex-All Wheel Drive System, and independent suspension. Price tag? $3 million. Ouch. 

2 – Koenigsegg Regera – Highest hp street legal car 

This car is a potential masterpiece of Koenigsegg. Running on a whopping 1479 hp, this 1456 lb/ft beast runs a solid 250mph for a hybrid hypercar. The engine is a 5-liter twin-turbo V8 that has 3 electric motors. It may have the same hp as the Bugatti above, but because it’s a hybrid car, we gave it a little bump in the ratings as the highest hp street legal car

What makes this car so special is the F1 cell pack that only weighs a light 75kg and can give it a range from 20 to 30 miles, which, to the car industry, is revolutionary. The power it gives while running on 800 volts is massive as well. The electric side of the car can give off 700 hp of which most electric cars hardly ever achieve. This makes this hybrid such a powerful contender for the top. And it only costs $1.9 million. This is the answer if you’re asking what car has the most hp but is a hybrid. 

1 – Hennessey Venom F5 – The Highest Horsepower Car 2020

And what car has the most hp? Just check out the Hennessey Venom F5.

Priced at only $1.8 million, it is the brainchild of the creative brain of John Hennessey, CEO of Hennessey Special Vehicles. Succeeding the Venom GT, this marvel of a car was unveiled back on November 1, 2017, during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It exceeded all expectations from its predecessor, beating records by accelerating from zero to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in only 2 seconds. Not only that, it’s top speed? Only a small 301 mph (484km/h). But how does that answer the question ‘what car has the most horsepower in the world’? Check out its specs!

The supercar features a custom-built and proprietary 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, powered by Pennzoil. This marks the Hennesey’s first move in making in-house engines. The engine generates 1,817 hp (1,842 PS or 1,355 kW). The torque runs about 1,193 lb-ft. And if it wanted to, it can reach zero to 186 mph (zero to 300 km/h) in just under 10 seconds and can easily go from zero to 249 mph (zero to 400 km/h) in just under 20 seconds, too. 


Being able to go fast has always been one of man’s obsessions, even to the point of going faster than light or sound, breaking records in-between steps. And cars are no exception to that fact. Powerful cards like these are the dream rides of many car enthusiasts. 

We’re sure that in the coming years, more industry giants will attempt to break records again and make the fastest, most awesome cars that would render jaw dropping to the floor. But until then, let’s savor the cars that we have now and just marvel at human ingenuity and creativity. Who knows how next year will turn up when it comes to cars. We can only expect better, faster, and more powerful ones are in the making right now. Some top-secret, some already known. Who knows?

So, were you impressed by the countdown of what car has the most hp? We know we are!