What does eBay charge to sell a car

What does eBay charge to sell a car? – Everything you need to know!

eBay is one of the largest digital marketplaces in the world. The website deals with all sorts of things including real estate, electronics, video games, clothes, and even vehicles. It’s a great way to buy or sell a car, but what does eBay charge to sell a car? What percentages and fees does one need to keep in mind?

All of these are important queries, and eBay is very upfront about its pricing, and what features you get for spending more when creating a listing. For the most part, eBay is a very secure way to sell your vehicle; still, it helps to be thorough. The convenience of the internet is one of the reasons online transactions are so greatly preferred these days. That and the fact that most people simply don’t like to go out to buy or sell something.

What does eBay charge to sell a car? – Assessing your needs and requirements!

How much does eBay charge to sell a car? – All the listings explained!

Selling a car on eBay is very easy, and for the most part, very self-explanatory. However, there is something to keep in mind when creating a listing; how much does eBay charge to sell a car? Well, to break it down for you. eBay categorizes sellers based on how many vehicles they want to sell. If you are selling just one car, you are a low volume seller. This means that you will be given the option to choose from 3 packages, that are priced at $25, $55, and $95.

The most basic $25 allows you to post 12 photos, put up the listing up for 7 days on auction, and gives you AutoCheck. AutoCheck is a feature that shows buyers relevant information about the vehicle. The $55 package, allows 18 photos while still offering 7 days for auction, but with a reserve price of up to $20,000. This package also has a fixed price format that can be put up for 30 days; AutoCheck is again available for both listing formats. The last package for the low-volume seller costs $95 and is the highest tiered one. It allows you to post 24 photos and increases the auction time to 10 days. Plus, it gives you unlimited reserve price, a “buy it now” option, and AutoCheck as usual.

Now, $95 is a lot of money, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s providing you with the most options to sell a car. That is if you have an expensive car that you think is worth a lot, and would benefit from such a package. If you are on a bit of a budget, the $55 would be the ideal choice since it still allows for a $20,000 reserve price, with more photos than the basic package. 

If you are using the advanced tool, you can pay more to increase the number of listings, and add more features to your existing listing.

How much does eBay charge to sell a motorcycle? – Pretty much the same!

If you have a motorcycle that you want to sell on eBay, then the pricing for that is the same as mentioned above. eBay considers motor vehicles to include boats, trailers, motorcycles, cars, trucks, powersports and any other vehicles. So, a motorcycle won’t give you a discount.

So, how much does eBay charge to sell a motorcycle? Exactly the same as any other motors vehicle. It all depends if you are a low, or high-volume seller. The one difference between a car and motorcycle listing is in the $55 package. If you list a car, the reserve value is $20,000 in the $55 package; but, that value is lowered to a total of $10,000. This is because motorcycles generally cost less than a car.

How to sell a car on eBay safely – Security is important!

If you are wondering how to sell a car on eBay safely, you aren’t the only one. The benefits of a website that handles most things for you can be a bit suspicious, but fret not. eBay prides itself on being one of the best marketplaces online; it assures secure payments with their world-class security. 

A few things you can keep in mind while trying to sell it online is to never share your personal information with the buyers. Try not to make deals outside of eBay’s interface, as you could be contacted by potential scammers. Keep your dealings limited to eBay’s online interface. Never click on any email links that some random buyers sent you, just like you wouldn’t in the case of spam folders.

Avoid going on drives with strangers, as this could be a bit difficult for both eBay and police authorities to respond to if something goes wrong. Use all the regular safety tips you know when you browse the internet any other day. eBay after all, is another website online that you have to use smartly to avoid fraud and issues. The last thing to keep in mind is to always use eBay for monetary transactions, and not go for outside platforms.


In short, what does eBay charge to sell a car? Well, it depends on your budget and needs. The best package for people who want to sell a single car costs $55; it provides enough features that a smooth deal can be commended on the website without costing you close to $100. The same applies to a motorcycle if you wish to sell that; if you are a high-volume seller, there are other options as well.

Buying, and selling a car is very simple on the internet now. Undoubtedly, eBay is one of the best sites you can visit both to purchase and sell a car. eBay provides a lot of security options, and a complete easy to use interface for both buyers and sellers. This is not only a great place to buy new, but used vehicles as well. We all need to keep a few security details in mind, but for the most part, it is very secure.