What if you don't have a car for the driving test

What If You Don’t Have A Car For The Driving Test?

This is a great question and I will begin by telling you what you want to hear! 

Yes, you still can take your driving test and pass even if you don’t have a car.

What do I mean? Without a car? 

Come on, is it possible?

How can I do that? How is it even possible?

What are the possibilities?

Can I rent a car? Can I borrow a car?

How can I rent a car if I don’t have a driving lesson yet?

There is another way to rent a car for my driving test?

And if I can borrow, to whom can I borrow a car?

Such great questions, by the way.

Stick with me and I will tell you what you can do if you don’t have a car for a driving test.

Borrow a car from a friend

Let’s begin with the easiest way of getting what you want. If you don’t have a car for your driving test one thing you can do is to borrow your friend’s car. Of course, your friend is willing to help you out, right? 

This is the cheapest way you will find for taking a driving test even if you don’t own a car.

But you need to make sure if that your friend’s car has insurance, and that your friend will give you a functional car. So you need to discuss that first with your friend… you don’t want to drive a car that doesn’t work well in your driving test, right? You need to pass and you want a car that will help you to pass, am I right?

And make sure that your friend’s car has all the requirements for the driving test because the examiner will do his or her job, he or she will inspect your friend’s car to see it meets all the requirements.

So one question… what are the requirements for the driving test?

As I said the examiner will make sure that the vehicle is safe and in a legal state. So a car inspection is going to happen.

The requirements for a driving test are the following:

  • The car must have a working horn.
  • The doors must be able to open from the inside out
  • All the windows must roll down properly, especially the one from the driver’s side 
  • Tires must have the right pressure and tread
  • The car needs to have two rearview mirrors in good condition
  • The car must have working seat belts
  • All the lights must work properly, including front and back signal lights and both brake lights
  • The vehicle documents must be present, including insurance

But you need to pay attention to one more detail. The list above is a standard that the DMV requires but between states some rules change. From state to state the requirements can vary. For example, some states permit just one license plate at the back of the vehicle but in other states, both license plates at the front and back are required. As you can see you need to check the requirements in your state before the driving test. You can check this on your state’s DMV website page.

And what are the other options?

You can rent a car for your driving test.

Let’s talk about renting a car for your driving test?

“Where can I rent a car for the driving test?

Great question and I’m glad to answer it!

You can rent a car from your driving school. Ok, this option is not going to be free as the “borrow your friend’s car” option but maybe is going to be the next options less expensive you can get. In some driving schools, you can put this option on the package. 

Ok, you will need to pay an extra amount of money to have this, but you can negotiate with your driving school for them to rent you a car for your future driving test.

They will benefit from it as you are, and probably they already have this option available to you. You just need to check with your driving school.

If your driving school rent you a car, they may also be willing to pick you up and drive you to the location of the driving test.

And do you remember the requirements for the driving test each vehicle needs to have? the same rules apply for tour driving school vehicles as well.

But you still have the question…

“Where else? Where can I rent a car for the driving test?”

Why not a car rental agency?

“But don’t I need to present a driving license to rent a car?”

Yes, that’s true but only the driving license of the person that will rent the car. For instance, you can have a parent or a guardian to rent a car for you, and they present their driving license. Of course, they will need to drive you to the driving test location, and there you will need to preset all the rental documents and ID information to prove that the car is a rental car and that everything is alright.

This option is the most expensive one of all of the options. And is the most complicated of them all as well… it’s like buying a car.

You can you a Zipcar. This is a faster way of renting a car. Go check their website and see if it’s a good fit for you, using a Zipcar.

As you can see it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a car for your driving test.

You have many options to get a car.

You can borrow it from a friend, a parent, or a family member.

But remember that you need to make sure the borrowed car meets all the requirements for a driving test.

And you can also ask your driving school if they can rent you a car or you can rent a car from a rental agency. 


What do you do if you don’t have a car for your driving school?


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