what size windshield wipers are right for my car

What Size Windshield Wipers Are Right For My Car?


A wiper’s function is to help drivers with road visibility when raining, during snow, or with any windshield obstruction. This is considered as a safety measure; if it’s not working properly when turned on, there is reduced visibility and this may cause accidents which we don’t want to happen. Wipers are used for windshield and rear glass visibility. They come in different sizes depending on the make, model, and year. With this, a car owner may ask, “What size windshield wipers are right for my car?”

This is a good question to be answered because there poses a lot of risks if not correctly chosen. Also, signs are evident if the wiper should be replaced already and this should not be taken for granted. To ensure 100% visibility, observe if signs are already obvious. Correctly choose the size of the windshield wipers according to the specifications of your car. So, here’s how to determine what size windshield wipers are right for your car!

Replacement of windshield wiper blades

Replacement of windshield wiper blades can be done through service centers or just by replacing it yourself. As long as the correct size is considered as well as installing it the right way, then there will be no issues. Basically, if there is a need for wiper replacement, it’s either replacing the entire wiper blade or just the rubber insert. Most of the time, service centers install these new windshield wipers for free; however, you can still do it on your own by just simply following the instructions included in the whole package.

Why is there a need to correctly select the size of your wiper blades? There are a lot of underlying reasons for this which are the following:

  • When wiper blades are shorter than the correct size – this causes some parts of the windshield not thoroughly cleared off; this results in the visibility being compromised. This is a safety issue especially when weather conditions are not good.
  • When wiper blades are longer than the correct size – this causes the wiper blades to collide with each other, primarily causing the wiper motor or the wiper blades to be damaged; this inflicts a very serious safety issue especially when you are currently on the road.

How will I know if my wiper blades already need replacement?

Another question in mind is, “how will I know if my wiper blades already need replacement?” This is a very good question; especially for car owners who just recently had their car. If these signs below are evident, then it’s time for you to consider the replacement:

  • There is a disturbing noise when wipers are turned on – this is yes, disturbing especially when the wipers make a squeaking sound that is not pleasant to the ears.
  • Problem with wiper blades: either sticking or leaving marks on the glass – this is easily seen when either of these two happens; therefore should already consider replacing your windshield wiper blades

After knowing the reasons why the size of your wiper blades should be correctly selected and learning the signs of when to replace them, then we are on to correctly figuring-out the size of your windshield wiper blades, these are the 4 easy ways that should be properly checked:

Check out the car owner’s manual. 

This is your first go to for every car concern. The owner’s manual is sophisticatedly written as an aid for the car owner to figure out the first thing to do and of course indicate the right windshield wiper size when it’s time to finally replace it due to the evident signs.

Search the internet. 

The internet has a wide array of information on whichever topic you are interested to check out; for sure, the correct windshield wiper blade size specific for your car will be shown. In short, almost everything is found online. Also, make sure that you have indicated the correct make, model, and year of your car to avoid problems during installing it and finally when using it.

Go for the traditional one – measure the windshield wiper blades on your car. 

This is by far the fastest, direct to the point way in figuring out the size of your wiper blades. By simply using a steel tape, measure both wiper blades in the driver and passenger side; both of these wipers have different sizes. You may use a pen and a paper to document these measurements. And for the record, this is for you to remember and take note.

Check out any store selling auto parts and reach out for their “wiper blade size finder.” 

Upon discovering that your wiper blades need replacement, it is possible to just directly go to an auto parts store and not do any of the 3 ways explained above. Present your case directly to a store attendant and no doubt, they will directly ask you the size of your wiper blades. It’s normal if you don’t know the size, they will help you determine it by using the wiper blade size finder. Again, make sure to indicate the correct make, model, and year of your car to avoid issues.


Proper maintenance when observed regularly, eliminates headache on your part. Therefore, learning all the basics with automotive is a plus for you as a car owner. The answer for your question, “What size windshield wipers are right for my car” is already explained above and is there for you to just execute. Being familiar with your car’s specifications is very essential to correctly take care of it and avoid problems in the long run.

Moreover, being mindful of the safety precautions is a must for you and your car. Aside from prolonging your car’s life span, this will also protect you from danger and accidents especially while you are on the road. Take care of your car because it helps you in your daily activities; its primary function is to safely bring you wherever you go. Therefore, considering windshield wipers as one of the most important thing to monitor, is clearly a good thing to do.

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