What to Do With Old Car Parts

What to Do With Old Car Parts?

You probably have some of your old car parts are occupying some precious space in your garage that would have contained something else. And you’ve been looking for the best way to dispose of them. You can do some things, like contacting a neighboring junkyard to come and take away or batter still, contacting a recycling company that may be interested in buying them. 

These options are some of the quickest ways of disposing of your old car parts as they directly instruct you on what to do with old car parts. Which option you choose to settle for is entirely dependent on what facility is obtainable where you live.


Your area may have some facilities that can help you in recycling your old car parts. Use the internet to run a search to this effect. You can also check out your area’s local phone directory. 

Some of these recycling companies may directly come to your house and pick up the old car parts. Some of them may demand that you come by yourself along with your old car parts. After taking your old car parts to the recycling plant, the company will clean them off their dirt ad exclude any other form of impurities after they melt them down to be recycled. 

Your old car parts will then be formed into a base metal. This base metal can then be formed into other metallic products, like steel beams and even other new car parts that can be sold off. 

Junkyards and Junk Collections 

There are certain towns and cities that have some days dedicated for trash collection, and workers burdened with this task will carry along with them any item that the owners are not using again. Your area’s municipal are the ones that normally organize this event. You may want to inquire about the particular days that your city schedules for these types of events. 

The junkyard may directly come to your house and pick the old car parts. Because most car parts are frequently reusable and recyclable, the junkyard will sometimes pay you when they come to carry them from your garage. 

Should in case your old car parts cannot be recycled or reused, then don’t worry. They’ll help you dump them in the most suitable place. 

Parts Dealers

You always have that choice of selling your old car parts if they still not too bad. Some companies are built around the idea of buying some of these types of items to rebuild them into other valuable items or to repair them and resell again. Some people have even found a hobby in collecting old car parts, especially from their favorite car maker. 

This option will give you the opportunity of regaining some of the cash you spent on your car prior. The internet is a host to these car parts dealers. A simple internet search will show you some of the best car parts dealers in the country. You can filter the result down to the dealers close to you. Copy their contact details and reach out to them to strike a deal. 

It is important to know that every car parts dealer has their modus operandi, making a lot of sense to get a reasonable quote before properly committing to a particular dealer. Also, classified ads can be a great resort if you have a popular car model or make. 

Donate Your Old Car Parts

This option can also make sense depending on the situation on the ground. If the cost implication of fixing your damaged car is high, then you can as well donate them for charity. Rather than taking them to a junkyard, a reputable charity company may need them. 

When you go for this option, it is obvious that you’ll be directly or indirectly helping certain causes. These causes include Food for the Poor, Girl Scout, Children’s Health Fund, and Operation Smile. It is also important that you learn the correct way of carrying out this donation process to not leave it in the wrong hands. 

The steps below highlight the step-by-step process of donating your old car parts. 

Step 1

Go online and search for a charity platform and decide from the different options you will be greeted with the platform you want to donate. You may want to seek recommendations from family or friends if there is any great charity platform they may want to recommend. Do not also forget that distance is important here. Don’t settle for a charity organization that is very far from your house. 

Some charity organizations out there are illegitimate and have not obtained the required permit that will allow them to run their activities. Don’t fall for some cheap scam, and to some extent, you can know which organization is genuine and which is fake by just taking a careful look at them. 

One other way to avoid falling into the hands of scammers is to try putting a call through to them. Make sure you have your fill of answers, and if they are reluctant to answer your every question, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Step 2

When you get a charity organization that you will want to donate to, try asking them if they will be particularly interested in your car part. Before agreeing with them, ensure that they agree to take your old car part. If they don’t agree to come to take it, they are probably not the right organization you want to partner with. 

Don’t also forget to ask them the time that most convenient for them to come. If it doesn’t fall within the time you’ll be free, discuss your plan to reschedule with them. If they are the right organization for you, then they’ll not have a problem with this. 

Step 3

Make sure that your old car part is not excessively dirty before donating it. Apart from helping them to form the right impression of you, it also shows that you care and respect them enough to present them with something that they’ll not waste much trying to clean.

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