When you buy a car from a dealer when do you get the title

When You Buy a Car From a Dealer, When Do You Get the Title?


Buying a new vehicle is one of life’s most exhilarating experiences, but it can be profuse and expensive if you do not follow some easy car-purchasing rules. Luckily, there are many resources available to assist you finding the ideal vehicle at a reasonable price. When a dealership facilitates a car buying, you do not require to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to transfer the car title. The selling dealer handles all the paperwork. You visit the DMV if the sales were between private parties. Purchasing a vehicle is a business transaction, and it is one of the last buying experiences that still needs consumers to negotiate. When you buy a car from a dealer when do you get the title?

This article will help you know when to expect the car title after buying. Let’s begin!

Means of Payment for a Vehicle

Cash purchases

When you buy a car from a dealer when do you get the title? Twenty working days is the minimum time taken to process the title, according to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TDMV). Time may differ by state and the backlog at the agencies involved. The title makes you the owner of the car. This means of payment for a vehicle has the shortest period of processing the title.

Financed Vehicles

When you buy a car from a dealer when do you get the title? It takes approximately 45 days for you to be provided with a copy of the paper title. That is if the bank financed the car. The vehicle is registered to the vehicle owner, but is titled to the financing company or the bank proving the loan. You do not receive a title in your name until the loan is paid. After the final payment, the bank or financing company transfers the title to your name.


If you buy a car, leave the dealership with a copy of the title and receipt of registration application. Drivers get a penalty of driving an untitled car. Proper documentation will save you from unnecessary impounding and fines.

When to Drive without a Car Title

The Department of Motor Vehicle or other related offices in the state provide a title to act for the possession of a vehicle and record any claim holders that have a safety engrossment in the car. Additionally, to name the possessor of the car and claim holders in some circumstances. The tittle will transfer possession when a vehicle is donated, sold, or given to someone else. The possessor in many incidents will still drive the vehicle even without the title.

A Claim Holder is in Possession of a Title

While financing issued for the buying of a car, the shylock will labeled as a claim holder on the title certificate. The shylock will keep the certificate title up until the loan issued has been settled in full amount. At the moment, the possessor of the car will not have the certificate title but is lawfully qualified to drive it. Immediately the loan is fully settled, the claim will be release and the title dispatched to the car owner. Being a lien holder, that when to drive without a car title. 

Misplaced Title

Vehicles can still be on the road legally even after the title held by car possessors is damaged or lost. Losing the certificate title will not influence the possessor’s use of the car, he should restore a damaged or a lost title promptly. The owner should complete a renewal form at the Department of Motor Vehicle in order to get a duplicate title. Pay the renewal fee, provide evidence of possession with a registration copy as well as an identity card. A misplaced title allows you when to drive without a car title.  

Transferring of Title 

The seller and the buyer must visit the Department of Motor Vehicle together to fill in the paperwork for the deal, title-transferring take two to three days or even few weeks. In an instance, in Wisconsin the period needed for the Department of Transportation to exercise transfer of certificate to the new car possessor’s name is three weeks approximately. In the meantime, the buyer is now the owner of the car but will not hold the certificate tittle. At this moment, it is all right in the powers of the new car possessor to drive the vehicle.

The Seller has not signed the Title

This is exactly when to drive without a car title. If an arrangement has been made with the seller to take the car to a workshop or to test drive, you (potential buyer) can drive the vehicle while the certificate title remains in the seller’s name. If a seller has just settled the loan to a lender that holds the certificate title, there may be a wait time before it can be released and the title can be given out.


When you buy a car from a dealer when do you get the title? The minimum time taken is 20 working days to process the title, according to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles when you pay for the car in cash. It takes approximately 45 days to be issued with a copy of the paper title. That is if the bank financed the car. Although, you can still driver legally without title but under certain circumstances, which includes; when the title has been misplaced or damaged, when the seller has not signed the title, when the title is being transferred and when a lien holder has a title.

Therefore, if you are under these circumstances you do not have to worry much. At the same time is good to confirm with the Department of Motor Vehicle in your state about the rules and regulations concerning car titles. Thank you for reading my article, we hope you learnt something.