why are kia cars so cheap

Why Are Kia Cars So Cheap? 5 Things You Need To Know

The cost of a car depends on what level/variant it is, the features, how it’s made, as well as the brand. These are just some of the things why a car is expensive and why it’s cheap. Some buyers look at what the car can give them and don’t mind the cost, but at times, buyers look at the cost of the vehicle first. This is an inevitable thing to do, especially if the budget it tight. So, let’s look at one car maker in the market right now – Kia motors. This car maker is based in South Korea, and when it comes to the cost of their cars, a question arises, “why are kia cars so cheap?”

Well for this question, there are 5 highlighted things that you need to know, which for sure makes sense.

Vehicle Body Is Made Of Plastic

The vehicle body of the car is the one who protects the passengers in case of an accident, so by right, it should be sturdy. It also shapes the passenger compartment, covers up the automotive parts and systems, and it provides luggage space as well. Therefore, vehicle bodies are usually made up of steel and aluminum. The former is cheaper but the latter is lighter and is rust-proof that’s why luxury cars often use aluminum. However, in the case of Kia cars, they use plastic as the raw material for their vehicle bodies. Plastic is a lot cheaper than steel, and so this allows them to lower their prices compared to other cars.

Incompetent Production Line, Resulting To Low-cost Labor

In every business, there is always a capital cost for every product. And so, with Kia cars, it can be seen that because of their low-cost labor, the quality is also cheap resulting to lower car prices. Incompetency is such a big issue when it comes to productions; especially if we are talking about cars. Every day, people drive their own cars and if proper quality is not observed, then problems will surely occur. If standards are hard to implement in a production line, no wonder after finishing the product, certain quality issues arise; ones that may affect the consumer and for sure, will also affect the car maker’s sales and reliability.

5-7 Years, And That’s It

Considering substandard raw materials and low-cost production, it’s no wonder why Kia cars can only last for how many years. Can we call these cars as disposable? Probably yes. A car is being used every day, so every day, its value also depreciates. How much more if the quality is really not good? Well of course, the value depreciates a lot more as the years pass by. If you are aiming of saving up in the long run by having a car that lasts for more than 7 years, then think a lot of times of which car you should buy; research more and don’t just take a look at the price tag.

Cheaper Prices For Features And Not For Reliability

Every car has built-in features that consumers would want for their car but we are talking about safety features which relates to reliability, and this is what’s most important. Starting from the engine, parts and the vehicle body, considering safety in all of these aspects is vital in choosing what car to buy. Automakers have different ways on how to approach this area, but Kia cars might be a lot more focused in providing features rather than focusing first on the safety part of the vehicle. Yes, there are standards when it comes to automotive but if these are not properly observed, then recalls will surely be evident in the later part.

Recalls should be avoided because recalls compromises passenger safety. However, if the right processes are being observed in the manufacturing stage first hand, then recalls would be seldom in the later part. This also points us to the question, “why are Kias so expensive to insure?” Well, this may relate probably because of the quality and the recalls it had for several years now.

Poor Gas Mileage – Inefficient Fuel Consumption

“I would buy that car only if it’s fuel efficient.” This is a normal statement that we can hear from people who wants to buy cars; because yes, fuel cost is one of the things that could shell money out of your pocket. Who doesn’t want to save in the long run, right? But if you have a Kia car, this may allow you to visit the fuel station more often. Kia cars have poor gas mileage, which means they consume fuels at tremendously high speeds. As what I have mentioned above, they have poor-quality parts and this includes fuel management.

You may be spending lesser at first when you bought the car; however, it won’t help you in the long run. With this, you need to think over and over again whether you will settle for a lesser car price but has low quality and may give problems in the later part; or, will you check out the reliability and quality of the car even if it has an added cost.

For example, why are Kia Souls so cheap? This is one of their flagship series but this may still exhibit a poor gas mileage; they will cost you even more in the long run.


We have tackled the 5 reasons to this question, “why are Kia cars so cheap,” but are Kias good cars, still? Every car or even car makers have strengths and weaknesses; the car owner also has a part on how long a car can last. Buying a specific car requires a lot of thinking and researching. However, it still depends on your status and the things that you want to consider. If you have a tight budget and you can manage to have that car be disposed after just a number of years, then that’s fine. That will be your trade off.

However, if you have a readily available budget, then it’s better to choose a car that exhibits quality and is reliable in the long run. Choose safety and quality over cost. Make the most out of your hard-earned money.