why are tacomas so expensive

Why Are Tacomas So Expensive?


Pick-up trucks are widely used for different applications. These include towing projects, business hauling, and household purposes. It’s basically an all-season vehicle; it can withstand different conditions and can even handle heavy equipment. Among the pick-up trucks in the market today, there comes Toyota Tacoma with something to show-off when it comes to its different features. That leads us to the question, “Why are Tacomas so expensive?”

Aside from considering the built-in features this truck has, part of the scrutiny is on how much it costs. This has been a loud talk from car enthusiasts having diverse perceptions why it is that expensive. It may be because of the engine, the exterior and interior features, the high-end safety system, the power capability, or even the vehicle body; we’ll never know if we won’t deep dive into this famous vehicle.  Looking at it, is the whole Tacoma package worth it for its price? Let’s check it out.

Before dealing with the make, let’s deal first with the maker

The carmaker Toyota, a Japanese automotive manufacturer, has been delivering us high-quality and reliable vehicles since the 1930s. Toyota cars have been widely-used in different parts around the world providing service to various industry applications. Having its tagline “Let’s Go Places” indeed its goal is to make a difference through their cars wherever it may be brought. Why are Tacomas so popular? Also, why are Toyota cars so expensive?

This Japanese carmaker is focused on making their products the best in the market; this makes them very dependable and reliable in a lot of applications. Their designs are evolving from time to time, and they adapt to where technology is heading to. Their concentration is on quality rather than quantity because they believe that customers will buy primarily due to the quality; rather than the features or how fancy it looks. In fact, Toyota is the leading automotive manufacturer with all of the factors combined. This leads us to the facts why Toyota Tacoma’s worth is high.

Reasons behind Tacoma’s expensive worth

This vehicle is built for heavy loads. 

Designed to carry such heavy loads, Tacomas are able to haul almost 7000 lbs and can tow up to 3500 lbs. Also, they can withstand to any weather condition and situation; regardless if obstructions are on the way. Because of their heavy-duty structural constructions and huge wheels which are able to drive through various geographies; no wonder this truck is built to last. Whether you will be using it just for some household tasks or for carrying some heavy-loads in a very changeable climate, Tacoma is still fit for whatever application necessary for you to complete your plans.

This vehicle includes a powerful engine. 

Tacomas have different variants with durable powertrains. There’s this variant having a 3.5 Liter V6 and the other one has a 2.7 Liter 4-cylinder engines (this is the standard option). This is a high-value truck capable of plowing snow, as well as carry super heavy loads as indicate in the first bullet. Having an incredible power range, definitely acquiring Tacoma will never get you upset despite its expensive price.

This vehicle has a high resale value. 

As a whole, Toyota cars have a high resale value because of their high-quality cars. Even if the car is already a second-hand or a repossessed one, it can still last up to a couple of years. From sedan cars to pick-up trucks to SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) to utility vans, Toyota cars appear in the top list of having high resale values. Moreover, parts are also readily-available if in case there is a need for parts replacement. In connection with this, Tacoma, as a supreme quality truck, also has a high resale value. This is not a question for car enthusiasts because this can be justified just by looking at Tacoma as a whole. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why Toyota Tacoma’s cost is high.

High-end features are readily-available. 

Especially when it comes to safety, having high-end features are one of the considerations a consumer is looking for. Because accidents down the road are dangerous, it is important to have at least some of these high-end safety features which could assist the driver when driving. Examples of such include plenty of airbags, adaptive cruise control, forward collision alert, lane departure alert, detection of pedestrians on the road, adaptive front lighting (automatic), hill ascent and descent, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, parking sensors, and many more. Just to note, high-end features included are based on which variant it is. Having all these features in one car means shelling out more money, which by then also answers why Tacomas are expensive.

User-preference is supported. 

Tacomas can easily adapt to modifications according to what the user wants to do with it. A lot of Tacoma owners alter some areas or even add accessories to the car and there is no problem with it. If a decision has been made to customize the Tacoma, then no doubt it’ll not impose any issues at all.


So, why are Tacomas so expensive? The laid-out reasons are explained above. With all of the information highlighted, it’s no doubt that we can say that Tacomas are still worth the money. This is due to its superb characteristics and the features that it can give you, as well as the applications it can be used for.

Quality over quantity – this is Toyota’s stand since the 1930s. For this reason, customers buy their cars because of the quality; not just due to some fancy design or features included. Toyota Tacoma, as their mid-sized pick-up truck which are dependable, reliable and powerful, still, is a worthy car for you despite the expensive price. Whether you will be using it just for some household projects or for some heavy-duty activities in a very unpredictable weather; Tacoma is still fit for whatever application you may want to use it to.

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