How To Change Car Door Handle

How To Change Car Door Handle – Easy As Pie

Are door handles easy to replace? How to change car door handles? If you are worried about your broken car door handle, do not. Fixing it is quite an easy task and you do not have to panic.

You might be worried about how much it will cost you to fix your car door handle and if you even, know the names and components of it. In this article, we first talk about its components names so that if you need to replace any of it, you know exactly what to order online or ask your service technician.

We will also discuss its mechanism. It is quite interesting! Furthermore, we discuss ways on how to fix and how to change a car door handle yourself.

Ok, let us get working!

Car Door Handle Mechanism

A car door handle uses a latch to control the door of the car. So, what is a latch?

A latch can be a mechanical fastener or an electronic logic circuit. The prior type is used to attach two or more objects together. The latter type has one output and two inputs. The two inputs are called SET and RESET. The output can thus be LOW or HIGH.

In a car, the latch connects the door with its frame and has a sliding bolt equipped in the door and a receptacle in the frame.

The position of the latch depends on the handle. The handle can be anything, for instance, a lever or a knob. The handle is attached to the latch with the help of a cylinder and spindle. When it is acted upon, that is, rotated or pulled, the spindle carries or mimics this action to the cylinder. Thus, turning clockwise or anticlockwise as per its orientation.

Exterior Car Door Handle Parts

Depending on whether it is for the front or rear doors, the external part of the car door handle will consist of solely the handle itself, if it is for the rear door. Meanwhile if it is for the front door, it will consist of a handle and a keyhole.

Interior Car Door Handle Parts

As per the interior parts, depending on car model, it will have either solely a handle or both a handle and a lock.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Door Handle?

Well, this is a broad range because it depends on many factors. The two major factors are the material that you will be choosing and, whether you will get it ready-made or customized will make the cost vary accordingly. Personalized handles can cost you more than $500.

On the other hand, chrome handles that are the most pricy ones and can vary from $500 up to $700.  However, other materials like plastic and reinforced fiber are way less in price as compared to chrome ones. They will usually range from $50 to $500.

In most cases, the exterior handles are way pricier than the interior handles.

Now you know how the mechanism works and the interior and exterior parts of the car door handles. Let us see situations which you can encounter and how to fix them.

Below are scenrios of how to change car door handle depending on how it is broken.

How To Fix Car Door Handle That Won’t Be Opened From Inside?

Firstly, if the problem is the rear door and the child safety lock is engaged, then as per its design, the door will not be open from the inside. If your car window is manual, remove the window crank.

Secondly, remove interior door handle. Below the lever of the handle, is a screw in the bezel (depending on model). Connected to the handle, is a rod or cable. If you cannot find it, then you may need a new handle or clip.

Thirdly, remove the retaining screws. Their places vary depending on car model and type. Afterwards, remove the door panel. First, try removing the door panel by sliding it, if it does not slide then bring a screwdriver. Carefully and lightly, try to part between the door and the panel to see if there are any retaining clips.

After that, slide the panel to clear the opening of the window, lock of the door, and separate it.

Analyze the linking rods and cables at the end of the latch. Most of the cars use plastic clips hold the rod or cable of the latch. These break easily, find out if any is broken.

If none is broken, carefully close the door and make it latch. Manually release the lever on the latch. If you are unable to open the door, it is time you get a new latch.

How To Fix Car Door Handle That Won’t Open From Outside

This may be due to several reasons. As dirt collects or water which causes rust. It can also be due to problems in inner mechanism and lots more than you can imagine.

Bring your tools and try to remove the door panel. Then, carefully remove any electrical connects. You will find a plastic cover, determine if there any problems that are causing the door to not open. If not, check mechanical assembly.

How To Open Car Door With Broken Outside Handle?

Pulling the rods, which are held via plastic clips in place, which engage the latch, is how the door is opened. The handle works by pulling little rods that engage the latch. However, if you have windows and locks that are automatic and not manual, there will be a plug instead. Remove it carefully.

If it is broken, you will have to buy a new clip. It is relatively cheap. After you get the clip, do the same steps as discussed above in a reversed order.


Now you know how to change your car door handle! You really do not have to panic or worry about your car handle being stuck and not opening. It is normally an easy task to fix. Ok now so you might be wondering, how long does it take to replace the car door handle?

The answer to this is it varies. It really depends on how your situation is. As we discuss below most of the cases, depending on which situation you are in, will decide how long it will take you to fix it. However, approximately it will take from one hour to two hours. It also depends on your car model.