What car does Dean drive in supernatural

What Car Does Dean Drive In Supernatural? Under The Hood And More!

Supernatural is America’s longest-running live-action fantasy in the history of American TV series. Spanning 15 seasons, with 327 episodes, it stars Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester. The plot is thick with the two brothers hunting down monsters, ghosts, demons, and several other supernatural beings that wreak havoc in modern-day society. It all started when their mother died in a very suspicious fire before the father went missing. The two then regrouped after Dean tracked down Sam at Stanford University. These situations led them to life on the road and fighting monsters. 

Much like other iconic TV series, it also has the quintessential car scenes where the two leads discuss their plans as well as chasing after their targets, to find clues to the whereabouts of their ‘lost’ father. 

But, what car does Dean drive in Supernatural? What’s the model? And where can we get one?

The Supernatural car model – The Black One

The series officially starts when Dean tracks down and picks up Sam after convincing the latter that there is such a dire need to go monster-hunting and find clues about their missing dad. And the rest, as they say, is TV history. But what car does Dean drive in Supernatural? You know, that big black car that fits the character of powerful monster hunters? Well, that would be the 1967 Chevy Impala. This car, according to the show, has been with the family for over 40 years. And from the looks of it, they took care of it very well. 

This Supernatural car model is not only a beast but also iconic to the show as it has appeared in almost all the episodes for the last 15 seasons. And it has taken a lot of beating.

This monster of a car had its fair share of action.

From Dean taking a crowbar to the car’s hood to being run down by a semi-truck and even being crashed into something each season, the show pretty much would blow their budget by wrecking one car and refurbishing it in-between takes. But don’t be sad if this car somehow gets a lot of mileage just for a show; the show owns 9 of these that go in rotation as the show tapes around British Columbia (BC). That way, they can save up on time for repairs and still be able to shoot the scenes for every episode.

Before the show aired, Supernatural’s lead executive producer Eric Kripke, after pitching the show to the execs, wanted to bring back the old Hollywood idea of a car becoming part of the characters of the show, even as the main character. Taking inspiration from his favorite show, Knight Rider, he purposely chose a car that would emit a bad-ass iconic aura. His first choice was a ‘65 Mustang just for that reason. But as his neighbor pointed out, you can’t put a dead body in its trunk. Plus, the show needed a car that would make people lock their doors when they pull up next to it at the lights. Sure, any black car could do, but nothing fits the personality of the main characters other than the 1967 Chevy Impala. Powerful and deadly, so to speak. 

All the cars have been designated their code names. The one being used on daily tapings is referred to as ‘Hero 1 Impala’. 

The 1967 Chevy Impala – Everything under the hood

Since we already figured out what car does Dean drive in Supernatural, let’s talk about what makes it a perfect fit for the brothers on the show and even in real life. 

The power lies within its engine. The 1967 Chevy Impala boasts 155 horsepower (250 cu. in. Turbo Thrift 6) and even 195 horsepower (283 cu. in. Turbo Fire V-8). Other options were the 275 horsepower (327 cu. in. Turbo Fire V-8), the 325 horsepower (396 cu. in. Turbo Fire V-8), and the 385 horsepower (427 cu. in. Turbo Fire V-8).

For the upholstery, the cloth and vinyl choice was a standard for most of the closed body styles. There was, however, a choice to go all-vinyl was also a new option that came with extra cost that came in different colors. There was a choice to go all black like the one in the show. 

The Supernatural Car for Sale and How Much is It Now

If you’re planning to buy the exact model of what car does Dean drive in Supernatural, you should have done so years ago. Before the release of the first episode back in 2005, the ‘67 model of the Chevy Impala was only around $500. Affordable right? Totally! But now, with the fame the iconic car demon hunter has gained, the price is as deep as our wallets. When the show returned in 2016, the ‘1967 Chevrolet Impala’ became the most searched vehicle, appearing 50,000 times over in a month. 

Now, the Supernatural car for sale comes between $20,000 to $50,000 and this is just a full restoration project. If you want a well-kept one, auctions for it will run even more. You can also find listings online and get notified when an auction for it is available. Just prepare your pockets as this car can fetch for a hefty sum if you know what we mean. 


Supernatural would not be the same without the car that Dean drives going around BC. It has become an iconic figure in the series. Though the series ended last November 19, 2020, the mark it has left within us will forever be engraved in our hearts. All that monster hunting, drama, action, and then some will be a constant reminder that monsters can be defeated and that family always comes first, despite any issues that might come at hand. This brotherly love would sure tug at the heartstrings of the new generation who would watch this show. 

After talking about what car does Dean drive in Supernatural, referred to by Dean as ‘Baby’, we’re sure you have gotten your interest peaked about other details about it, most especially on how to get your hands on it. Feel free to satisfy your monster hunting appetite. Just don’t go crazy on us. Okay?