Can You Buy A Car With A Suspended License

Can You Buy A Car With A Suspended License? Three Alternatives To Try

Having your driver’s license suspended temporarily can be challenging. It might have stemmed from poor driving decisions, such as driving under the influence and overspeeding. It can also be for various reasons ranging from unpaid parking tickets to major legal issues like drug charges or outstanding child support. Whatever the reason, having your driver’s license suspended is like being given a sentence that will force you to find another way to live your life–going to work, picking up groceries, or even getting around town.

Suppose the worst happened and your involvement in an accident was the reason behind getting your license suspended. Even when you have a suspended license, purchasing a vehicle should be something you may consider so you can have your life back as soon as possible. The only question is— can you buy a car without a valid driver’s license?

The Basics

Most states’ laws allow purchasing a car with a suspended license since nothing technically stops you from buying a car if your license is suspended. All dealerships can have your money and sell you a car. So to our hanging question, “Can you buy a car with a suspended license?” The short answer is yes. You can legally purchase a car without a valid license.

However, more questions begin to resurface from here. Are you able to drive the vehicle out of the lot? Can you purchase auto insurance for it? Will you be allowed to go through the process of registering the vehicle? 

Registering A Vehicle With A Suspended License

More often than not, you can still register a new car with a suspended driver’s license. However, this comes with a consequence, as you cannot legally drive without a valid driver’s license. Instead, you can have someone else drive the car, provided they have a driver’s license, and the vehicle has been registered and has valid insurance.

For example, in most states, the registration for a driver’s license and a vehicle license is separate so that one does not affect the other. Therefore, registering a vehicle with a suspended license is possible.

However, it is essential to note that if you drive your registered car with a suspended license and get involved in an accident, the insurance company will not be liable to pay anything. When your license gets suspended, its insurance is also put on hold until you get your valid driver’s license back. When the auto insurance is on hold, this keeps anyone from breaking the law while driving without a valid license, so the best course for you is to wait until your license is reinstated. If you obtain injuries from an accident, that would mean a list of bills you will pay yourself.

Financing A Car Without A License

You might wonder if you can get approved for an auto loan when you have a suspended license. The approval will depend on the policies observed by the lender and dealership. Even with a suspended license, you can get an auto loan if you have a valid state ID. Still, most of the time, lenders look at it as a deal-breaker or a red flag, especially if the reason behind your suspension has something to do with a severe vehicle offense. If you have a good record with your bank and good credit reports, they’ll say yes to financing a new car without a license.

Getting Car Insurance With A Suspended License

You can still get auto insurance even when you have a suspended license; however, you can’t drive legally without it. With a suspended driver’s license, insurance companies mostly cancel or ignore the renewal of insurance policies as they will know of your license suspension once they look at your vehicle report at the time of the supposed renewal of your policy.

The best option to get car insurance with a suspended license is by joining a policy with someone else’s name. In this case, you must include the policyholder’s name in the car’s title. If you don’t have someone to be your policyholder, consider availing yourself of a comprehensive insurance-only policy.

It is essential at this stage to find an insurance company willing to offer comprehensive full coverage insurance for a car that will stay in a lot and which no one will drive. Considering your current situation, you might also need to file an affidavit stating that you will not use the vehicle. 

Good to Know

Whatever option you choose, you must remind yourself not to drive a vehicle when you have a suspended license because being involved in an accident will make you lose it even more. A worst-case scenario could result in imprisonment, depending on the accident’s severity. It all boils down to the real problem here is whether you can or cannot buy a car with a suspended license. The situation should be whether you should.

You should know by now that the question, “Can you buy a car with a suspended license?” only takes a short while to answer. The conditions of buying a car will make the process difficult for you. In the end, you should be able to weigh out the risks versus the rewards of this whole process. Buying a car while you have a suspended license complicates the overall experience. You can only finalize your decision to purchase a vehicle if the worst happens. But you do not have to stress too much over it, either. Remember that a license suspension is just temporary. Ensure that you observe the rules necessary to maintain car insurance to seal and secure your chance to drive your vehicle on the road again once the suspension on your driver’s license is reinstated. Once you have it back, you can finally return to your usual everyday routine. Ride safe!