How to clean car ac evaporator

How To Clean Car AC Evaporator

Does your car ac evaporator produce weak, inadequate, or inconsistent air cooling? Or, does it smell bad? 

If yes, then probably your car’s ac evaporator has gotten dirty, and you need to clean it.

Ac evaporators, while trying to make your car cool, produce moisture. At times, this moisture will prepare the condition for the creation of mildew and mold. 

These mildews and molds can cause your evaporator to don’t function properly and also smell bad. Cleaning is the only solution. But how often do you need to clean it? 

If the environment where you drive your car is prone to dirt, dust, and humidity, then you should aim for cleaning the ac evaporator monthly. Otherwise, cleaning every three months would be enough. 

Since you will need to do the cleaning job a lot, it is not a good idea to refer to a mechanic each time. Instead, read this article to learn how to clean a car ac evaporator without removing it.

How To Clean Car Ac Evaporator Without Removing

Before getting to the cleaning part, let’s see what equipments you will need:

  • A nozzle
  • A screwdriver
  • Ac evaporator cleaner 

That would be it. Now, let’s see how you can clean the car ac evaporator.

Step #1: Reach The Evaporator Machine

It is time to put your Engineering hat on. Since there are thousands of different car models, we can’t recommend a unique way. However, the best solution will be that you investigate and examine your car’s air conditioning system to reach the evaporator machine.

Look for it in the firewall that separates the engine section from the passenger part. The plastic box that extrudes from the firewall has the air (cool, heat) blower connected to it. You surely know it.

This box is easily removable. However, since each car company has its own way of manufacturing these, we can’t say how. Once you have removed the plastic box, you will reach a resistor block.

This resistor block may be placed at the top or side of the heater box. This block is not fastened by anything. So, gently remove it. 

If you noticed a blower fan after you removed the plastic cover box or the resistor block, then remove that too.

Generally, our goal is to reach the evaporator machine. So, if you confront anything detachable, remove it. Just remember how everything was in the first place, and also be gentle.

Step #2: Time To Use Ac Evaporator Cleaner

Now that you have built a way to reach the evaporator machine, use it to clean the evaporator. Spray the cleaner towards the evaporator machine. Keep spraying until you are sure that the whole surface of the evaporator is covered. 

In case you haven’t used an ac evaporator cleaner yet, they are foam. When spraying, don’t worry that the foam may destroy your evaporator. Cleaners come in foam shape so that they stick to the surface and completely kill all the bacteria. 

After you have covered the whole surface of the evaporator machine with cleaner foam, leave it to be like this for 20 to 30 minutes. These foams will slowly turn into liquid and come out through the openings.

Step #3: Spray Water On Car Ac Evaporator

After the cleaner has turned into the liquid and is completely gone, it is time to wash the ac evaporator. You can use a water hose, but if available, a nozzle is more convenient and manageable. 

If you found a nozzle, pour some water into it and spray water on car ac evaporator. One good way to know if you have washed the evaporator properly is to check how it smells.

If it has a strong odor of the cleaner, you better keep washing. However, the odor doesn’t need to completely wipe out. As soon as it is not strong, you can stop washing.

Step #4: Re-Attach Everything You Removed

If you have removed the blower fan, start by connecting it. Then place the resistor block in its position and finish the job by placing the plastic cover box in its place.

Also, if you have disconnected anything else, reconnect it and make sure you have done it properly.

Step #5: Test The Car Ac Evaporator

After doing all these works, you deserve a good result. Start your car and turn on the car ac evaporator. Test the car ac evaporator to see if it has lost the bad smell or if it is now strong and consistent.

The bad smell should be gone because cleaners kill any bacteria, mildew, or mold. The ac evaporator should also function better now. After all, a lot of parasites are gone. 

However, if your ac originally had a performance problem, and this problem wasn’t solved by cleaning, you need to refer to a mechanic. 

Wrap Up

The moisture in the car ac evaporator or the dirt and humidity in the environment you are driving your car can cause its ac to get dirty. That can result in the weak performance of the ac or a bad smell from it. 

The only solution is to clean it. It is not much work demanding or high-level job, anyone can do it. Plus, the fact that we will need this a lot also implies everyone should learn it. 

That is why we created this guide to help everyone learn how to clean a car ac evaporator without removing it. The job is pretty easy.

You will first need to reach the evaporator machine. After that, spray the cleaner foam on the whole evaporator surface and leave it for 30 minutes. Next, wash the evaporator. You can use a nozzle to spray water on the evaporator.

Once you feel that the strong odor of the cleaner has gone from your car, you can stop washing. And the final step is to re-attach everything you disconnected. Just by following these simple steps, you can clean your ac and enjoy seamless air cooling.

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